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Cumulative Listing of Student Theses

Below is a cumulative list of all theses completed by students of Earth Sciences.

Dates shown are the year of completion of the thesis and entries within each degree category are ordered according to these dates. The majority of theses can be viewed and downloaded via the Digital Database at the Barr Smith Library.

Last updated 22 March 2017.

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)

    FERGUSON, A. 1904 –
    CONLEY, C.H. 1906 –
    HOSSFELD, P. 1925 –
    PARKIN, L.W. 1938 –
    WARHURST, B. 1938 -
    JONES, R.H. 1940 - A petrological study of the Wallaroo and Moonta mining districts.
    ROBINSON, E.G. 1941 - A geological reconnaissance of the north-eastern section of County Light.
    DALLWITZ, W. 1942 -
    SMITH, E. 1942 -
    SHEPHERD, J. H. 1942 -
    SPRIGG, R.C. 1942 -
    GUPPY, D.J. 1943 - Geology of the Hundreds of Goolwa and Encounter Bay, southern South Australia.
    WILSON, A.F. 1944 - *
    BOWES, D.R. 1945 - An introduction to granitisation and hybridisation at Rosetta Head.
    LEWIS, B. 1945 -
    WHITTLE, A.W.G. 1945 - Geology of the area 15 miles from Adelaide. Adelaide Hills.*
    DARRAGH, P.J. 1946 - Traverse along the South Para from the Devil's Nose to near Gawler.
    AYLIFFE, R.W. 1947 - The geological reconnaissance of an area in the northwest of Hundred of Encounter Bay in the County of Hindmarsh, South Australia.
    JOHNS, R.K & KRUGER, J.M. 1947 - The Murray Bridge and Monarto Granites and associated rocks of the metamorphic aureole.*
    KING, D. 1947; revised in 1952 - Petrographic notes on the older Pre-Cambrian gneissic complex near Grey Spur, Fleurieu Peninsula.
    SPRY, A.H. 1948 - The geology of the metamorphic complex of Houghton and the Humbug Scrub.
    RATTIGAN, J.H. & WEGENER, C.F. 1948 - The Palmer Granite and associated granitised sediments.*
    HOWARD, P.F. 1949 - A thesis on the basic intrusion of Blinman.*
    WYMOND, A.P. & WILSON, R.B. 1949 - A geological reconnaissance of portions of Counties Stanley, Burra, Light and Eyre.*
    WILSON, R.B. & WYMOND, A.P. 1949 - An iron deposit near Braemar Station, South Australia.*
    MUMME, I.A. 1949 - The geology of part of the Adelaide Series rocks in portions of the Hundreds of Barossa and Moorooroo.
    MUMME, I.A. 1949 - Granites of the Tanunda Creek area and its associated sediments.
    PARKINSON, K.J. 1949 - Geology of the Yankalilla area.
    HOPKINS, B. McD. 1950 - Report on Monarto-Summerfield area.
    SKINNER, B.J. 1950 - Geology of the Rapid Bay area. South Australia.
    TESTER, B. 1950 - The geology of the Kanmantoo-Harrogate area.
    HARMS, J. 1951 - The geology of part of the Cambrai Military Sheet.
    KAEWBAIDHOON, S. 1951 - Geology of part of the Springton-Cambrai area.
    MARKHAM, N.L. 1951 - Geology of the Springton-Cambrai area.
    REYNOLDS, M.A. 1951 - The Cainozoic succession of Maslin and Aldinga Bays.*
    ROWLEY, R. 1951 - The gold-sulphide lodes of Norseman.
    DAILY, B. 1952 - Stratigraphy and geology of the Noarlunga Basin.*
    LESLIE, R.B. & WHITE, A.J.R. 1952 - Geology of portion of the Grand Unconformity north of Broken Hill. NSW.
    FORBES, B.G. 1952 - Post-Archean sedimentary succession. Hindmarsh-Inman Valley region.*
    MILLER, P.G. 1952 - Geology and structures of the north portion of the Cambrai Sheet.
    PRATTEN, R.D. 1952 - Geology and structure of the north portion of the Cambrai Sheet.
    WADE, M.J. 1952 - The Tertiary succession of the Christies Beach-Seaford coast.
    WOODARD, G.D. 1952 - Stratigraphy and geology of the Willunga Basin.
    CHINNER, G.A. 1953 - A preliminary account of the geology of the Mt Kitchener region.*
    GRASSO, R. & McMANUS, J. 1954 - The geology of the Callington area.
    FORWOOD, P.S. 1956 - The petrological study of Kalgoorlie greenstones.
    MUMME, W.G. 1956 - A study, mainly of hematite quartzites from the Middleback Ranges, with some remarks on their magnetic properties.
    RISELEY, B. 1956 - The geology of the Burra Mine and district.
    BRETT, P.R. 1956 - The geology of an area immediately south of Burra, with particular reference to mineralisation.
    McGOWRAN, B. 1957 - Tertiary nautiloids (Eutrephoceras and Cimonia) from South Australia.*
    ABELE, C. & McGOWRAN, B. 1957 - The geology of the Cambrian south of Adelaide (Sellick Hill to Yankalilla)*
    RUSSELL, R.T. 1957 - The structure and petrology of rocks close to the Broken Hill lode.
    von der BORCH, C.C. 1957 - The crystalline rocks of York Peninsula, South Australia.
    von der BORCH, C.C. 1957 - The geology of the Macclesfield region, SA.
    FREYTAG, I.B. 1957 - The Victoria Creek Marble, with observations on the geology of an area north-east of Williamstown, South Australia.
    ROCHOW, K. 1958 - The Cambrian geology of the Nepabunna area, South Australia.
    AYERS, D.E. 1959 - Report on the Waterfall Gully-Brook Gully field area.
    BROOKS, C.C. 1959 - Glen Osmond-Brownhill Creek area.
    DALGARNO, R. 1959 - Tertiary sands of the Adelaide region.
    DALGARNO, R. 1959 - Nummulites in the collection of the University of Adelaide.
    HASLAM, C.O. 1959 - Geology of the Crafers-Stirling area.
    EGGLETON, R.A. 1959 - Gumeracha pegmatites.
    MILLS, K.J. 1959 - The geology of the Mt Crawford gneissic granite and its environs.
    COOPER, R.E. 1960 - Recent sedimentation in Gulf St Vincent, South Australia.
    OLLIVER, J.G. 1960 - Geology of Hallett Cove district.
    WILLOUGHBY, D.R. 1960 - The geology and structural analysis of the northern part of Hallett Cove.
    HEATH, G.R. 1960 - The geology of Stonyfell Quartzite in the type area.
    OFFLER, R. 1960 - The structure, petrology and stratigraphy of the Strathalbyn Anticline.
    BROWN, R.G. 1960 - The South Maslin Sand and its relations to the Eocene sequence of St Vincent Basin.
    LLOYD, A.R. 1961 - Foraminifera from the subsurface Miocene of Wreck Island, Queensland.
    MARSHALL, N.J. 1961 - Methods of geochemical prospecting for copper, lead, zinc and nickel, and their application to the Nairne Pyrite horizon.
    VIRGO, D. 1961 - Mineralogy of scapolites. Precise title not available.
    POCOCK, K.J. 1961 - The stratigraphy and palaeontology of Emu Bay Shale.
    PORTER, C.R. 1961 – Geology and geophysics of the Adelaide Plains – Gulf St. Vincent region.
    THIELE, W.K. 1961 - 'The magnetics of the Nairne Pyrite Formation.
    WRIGHT, A.J. 1961 - Detailed mapping of the Noarlunga area.
    LORD, J.R. 1961 - The geology of the Torrens Gorge.
    PASSMORE, J.R. 1961 - Coorong borehole. Precise title not available.
    KAPELLE, K. 1961 - Report on the Mount Pleasant-Tungkillo area.
    PONTIFEX, I.R. 1961 - Third-Fourth Creeks area, Morialta.
    PONTIFEX, I.R. 1961 - The significance and geology of potash.
    SLADE, P.G. 1962 - A physical and chemical study of a granite-xenolith contact from Granite Island.
    HOSKING, A.J. 1962 - The stratigraphy and petrology of glacial rocks exposed in the Sturt River Gorge and surrounding district.
    LESLIE, W.C. 1962 - Geology of the Delamere area, South Australia.
    ROBINSON, W.B. 1962 - Maastrichtian, Montian and Upper Eocene discoaster from Australia.
    ROBINSON, W.B. 1962 – The geology of the Normanville – Second Valley area.
    DRAYTON, R.D. 1962 - Structural geology of the Rapid Bay area.
    DRAYTON, R.D. 1962 - Interpretation of geophysical surveys in the Willunga Basin, South Australia.
    KIRK, A.C. 1963 - The structural geology of Rapid Bay-Second Valley area, South Australia.
    GEORGE, R.J. 1963 - The geology of the Talisker Mine area.*
    WILDY, R.L. 1963 - The geology of the Mylor-Oakbank area.
    BROWNHILL, M.H. 1964 - The geology and petroleum prospects of the Gambier-Portland Basin.
    MAJOR, R.B. 1964 - The Pound Quartzite at Ediacara and Beltana Hill area.
    MAJOR, R.B. 1964 - Some observations on sedimentary structures in Warrioota Creek, south of Ediacara.
    YONG, S.K. 1964 - The distribution of trace elements nickel, copper, strontium, chromium and manganese in the Mt Davies basic intrusion, South Australia.
    YONG, S.K. 1964 - Geology of the Mt Osmond area, South Australia.
    CHAPPLE, B.E.E. 1964 - The geology of the Willunga Hill-Kuipto area.
    BOWERING, O.J.W. 1965 - The geology and petroleum potential of the Simpson Desert and environs.
    ROWAN, I.S. & COPPIN, R.J. 1965 - A geological and geophysical interpretation of the eastern margin of the Pirie-Torrens Basin near Port Pirie.
    FLEMING, P.D. 1965 - The geology of an area east of Angaston, South Australia.*
    KLEEMAN, J.D. 1965 - Studies on the X-ray diffraction analysis and geochemistry of plagioclase from the Mt Davies igneous intrusion.
    KLEEMAN, J.D. 1965 - Notes on the geologic map 'Geology north of Truro'.
    LEHMANN, P.R. 1965 - The geology and petroleum prospects of the Gippsland area, Victoria.
    LINDQUIST, W.F. 1965 - The geology and ore minerals of Bluff Hill, Southland, New Zealand.
    MASON, M.G. 1965 - Analysis of some Australian ore deposits.
    UTTING, B.S. 1965 - Phosphorite: notes on its nature, origin and current exploration techniques.
    WALTER, M.R. 1965 - Archaeocyatha and the biostratigraphy of the Hawker Group near Wirrealpa, South Australia.*
    WORDEN, J.M. 1965 - A study of two granites and their associated xenoliths.
    WORDEN, J.M. 1965 - An investigation of the geology west of Dutton, South Australia.
    GOODE, A.D.T. & KRIEG, G.W. 1965 - The geology of the Ewarara Intrusion, Giles Complex, Central Australia.*
    BESLEY, R.E. 1966 - A study of the geological setting and mineralisation of the C.S.A. orebodies, Cobar, New South Wales.
    CALLEN, R.A. 1966 - A comparison of the genesis of copper orebodies at Kuipto and Moonta in South Australia, with particular reference to the economic potential of each district.
    GRUND, R.B. 1966 - The glacigene sediments of the Cooper's Creek Basin.*
    JENKINS, R.J.F. 1966 - The fossil crab Ommatocarcinus corioensis Cresswell (Goneplacidae) with notes on the extant Australian species and a review of the genus Ommatocarinus White.
    MARLOW, R.B. 1966 - Magnetic study of some Great Australian Basin sediments.
    MILLER, C. 1966 - A geochemical study of pyroxenes from the igneous intrusion, South Davies, NW South Australia.
    STEELE, R.J. 1966 - A gravimetric investigation of the Mt Davies and Gosse Pile intrusions of the Giles Complex.
    THRELFALL, W. 1966 - A study of porosity in sediments related to depth of burial.
    WRIGHT, R.G. 1966 - The geology and mineralisation of the Mt Grainger Goldfield.*
    ZWIGULIS, M. 1966 - Geochemical prospecting at Callawonga Creek.
    BROOKE, W.J.L. 1966 - An investigation of the Mutooroo Copper Mine, South Australia.
    PLEDGE, N.S. 1966 - The application of fossil shark's teeth to biostratigraphy.
    PREISS, W.V. & SWEET, I.P. 1966 - The geology of the Depot Creek area, Flinders Ranges.
    BROTHERTON, R.A. 1967 - A metamorphic study of the Marino Group phyllites, Delamere and Sellick Hill sections, with special reference to the iron oxides.
    CONNARD, P.D. 1967 - The Cambrian stratigraphy of Kangaroo Island, in relation to the hydrocarbon potential of O.E.L.24 (St Vincent Gulf), South Australia.
    DIXON, H.W. 1967 - A quantitative classification of chemically weathered rock substance.
    LIVERTON, T. 1967 - The petrology of a uranium bearing adamellite at Crocker Well, Olary Province, South Australia.
    SVALBE, A.K. 1967 - The petrology, mineralogy and provenance of the Upper Cretaceous (?) to Upper Eocene sediments in the Bass Basin.
    WARD, M.A. 1967 - A study of two diamond drill sections illustrating the geological setting and mineralisation at Kambalda, Western Australia.
    MILNES, A.R. 1967 - A petrological study of the Encounter Bay Granites.*
    CURNOW, C.N. & LOOS, M. 1967 - Mineralogical, environmental and geochemical studies of Coorong lagoonal sediments, South Australia.
    BARCLAY, C.J. 1967 - The petrology and geochemistry of some amphibolites from the Middleback Range area.*
    GRAY, C.M. 1967 - The geology, petrology and geochemistry of the Tiezi metanorthosite.*
    McKIRDY, D.M. 1967 - A preliminary investigation of the alkane hydrocarbon content of two Australian sedimentary rocks.
    McKAY, K.G. 1968 - A geochemical and mineragraphic study of the copper mineralisation at Mt Coffin, South Australia.
    PAIN, A.M. 1968 - A study of a metadolerite dyke swarm in the Woodside district, South Australia.*
    PORTER, T.M. 1968 - The structure of the open cut area, Mary Kathleen, Queensland.
    SAUERTEIG, K.G. 1968 - The sediments of Capricorn No 1A, Queensland, 800'-5,609'.
    THOMAS, I.L. 1968 - Geochemistry of the carbonate rocks associated with the Puttapa zinc deposit, North Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    WESTOFF, J.B. 1968 - Regional geophysical investigations, Lake Frome area, South Australia.
    WHITTLE, A.P. 1968 - The Pretty Hill Sandstone of the Otway Basin, Australia: a study of provenance.
    WILLIAMS, A.F. 1968 - The origin and growth of oolites and a study of three types of oolites from Northern Australia.
    ANFILOFF, W. 1968 - Gravity stripping in the Moomba-Gidgealpa gasfield area.
    ASKINS, P.W. 1968 - Geochemical exploration around the Aclare Mine and mineral deposits of the surrounding region.
    BARNES, L.C. 1968 - The petrology and geochemistry of some high grade metamorphic rocks from the Mt Davies-Giles region, Central Australia.
    FROST, M.F. 1968 - A reconstruction of Permian depositional environments, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia.
    GLOVER, R.D. 1968 - Base metal distribution in carbonate rocks of the Western Flinders Ranges.
    IRELAND, T.J. 1968 - Geologic investigation and economic appraisal of the Himalaya North anomaly at Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    LANGSFORD, N.R. 1968 - Sedimentology of recent glacial marine sediments, Ross Sea, Antarctica.*
    FARRELL, B.L. 1968 - A beach sand study of the Fleurieu Peninsula.
    FEHLBERG, B. 1968 - Ultramafic xenoliths from basaltic rocks of southern Australia.
    JONES, M.T. 1968 - The structural geology of the South Middleback Range.
    BLIGHT, D.F. 1969 - The geology, petrology and geochemistry of an area south of Tollu, Western Australia.*
    BAMPTON, K.F. 1969 - A comparison of the Upper and Main Lodes on the northern leases of North Broken Hill Ltd, Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    BRIDGES, M.C. 1969 - Faults in 1100 orebody, Mt Isa Mines.
    CHENOWETH, L.M. 1969 - The geochemistry and geology of the Lancefield Gold Mine, Laverton, Western Australia.
    CLIFTON, T.M. 1969 - The geochemical and mineralogical variations of the host rocks in relation to mineralisation, Chillagoe, Queensland.
    CRASE, N.J. 1969 - An investigation of some of the younger basic and ultra-basic rocks to the west of Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    HARLEY, D.N. 1969 - The mafic and ultramafic intrusives of the Fraser Range, Western Australia.
    HASLETT, P.G. 1969 - The Cambrian geology north of the Wirrealpa Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    IVEZICH, M.M. 1969 - A geophysical investigation of the Mt Beevor shear zone and the Nairne Pyrite Member.
    LARKING, A.N. 1969 - Acid rocks and their relationship to the gold mineralisation at Norseman, Western Australia.
    MASTINS, H. 1969 - Some applications of Xray mass absorption in mineral and rock analysis.
    NETZEL, R.K. 1969 - Trace tin distribution in the Ardlethan Granite, New South Wales.
    PIERCE, P.R. 1969 - Cambrian geology south of the Wirrealpa Diapir, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    POOLE, L.E. 1969 - The structural geology of an area south of Kanmantoo, South Australia.
    REES, B.V.L. 1969 - The geology of Panguna copper deposit, Bougainville, Territory of Papua & New Guinea.*
    REID, R.B. 1969 - A survey of Australian barite.
    ROONEY, P.W. 1969 - An examination of the distribution of minor elements between co-existing hornblende and biotite from an area east of Springton, South Australia.*
    SCHMIDT, B.L. 1969 - The mineralogy and chemistry of the Caralue, Mundrabilla and Witchelina meteorites.
    WILLIAMS, R.E. 1969 - An environmental study of base metal sulphide mineralisation, Eulaminna, Western Australia.
    BELL, T.H. 1969 - The stages in development of slaty cleavage across the Nackara Arc of the Adelaide geosyncline.
    BOWDEN, P.R. 1969 - Geology of the Tollu area, Western Australia.*
    FREARS, R.A. 1969 - Petrology of the gneisses and associated amphibolites from Sleaford-Fishery Bay, southern Eyre Peninsula.*
    SMITH, P.C. 1970 - The geology of the Hinckley Ranges, Western Australia.
    BRIESE, E.H. 1970 - The geology, petrology and geochemistry of a layered intrusion at Carr Boyd Rocks, Western Australia.
    DREW, G.J. 1970 - A geophysical investigation of the southern Middleback Range area.
    HATCHER, M.J. 1970 - The geology of the Mt Chambers Mine region, northern Flinders Ranges.
    HILL, R.J. 1970 - The atomic structure of scholzite from a small occurrence 1 mile east of Reaphook Hill, central Flinders Ranges.
    HOLT, G.E. 1970 - Geology of the Paratoo Diapir, South Australia.
    KOPCHEFF, J.T. 1970 - A geophysical interpretation of the western Murray Basin, South Australia.
    LIPPLE, S.L. 1970 - The geology of Tar Val near Meekatharra, Western Australia, and the weathering of ultramafics.
    MORIARTY, K.C. 1970 - The clay mineral distribution in the Southern Ocean between Australia and Antarctica.
    PRIDMORE, D.F. 1970 - The Edwin Nickel Shoot (located 25 miles SSE of Kambalda at 31o31'S and 121o50'E) - results of VLF electromagnetic, induced polarisation, magnetic and gravity surveys.
    SIBENALER, X.P. 1970 - Geochemical investigations at the Forktree prospect, Normanville, South Australia.
    SMITH, P.B. 1970 - A geochemical study of Diemal's Find, copper-zinc prospect, south of Lake Barlee in Western Australia.
    TAYLOR, R.J. 1970 - The geophysical interpretation of some gravity and magnetic anomalies in the Middleback Ranges area of South Australia.
    THOMPSON, R.L. 1970 - A study of the mineralisation at the Kitticoola Copper Mine, Palmer, South Australia.*
    WIGGLESWORTH, K.F. 1970 - The geology of the Mt Frome region, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    WATMUFF, I.G. 1970 - Some local aspects of the geology, mineralogy and geochemistry associated with the Edwin Shoot, 60 miles south of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
    HENSTRIDGE, D.A. 1970 - The petrology and geochemistry of the upper south-east granites, South Australia.*
    COIN, C.D.A. 1970 - A study of the petrology and geochemistry of the granulite facies terrain near Amata, Musgrave Ranges, north west South Australia.
    COBB, M.A. & MORRIS, B.J. 1970 - The Weekeroo amphibolite.
    MOUNT, T.J. 1970 - Geology of the Mt Chambers Gorge region, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.*
    PRICE, D.G. 1970 - Geophysical investigations of the northern Middleback Range area, South Australia.
    HONE, I.G. 1970 - Interpretation of airborne and ground magnetic surveys with detailed susceptibility measurements at Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.
    DAVIDSON, J.E. 1970 - A petrological and geochemical study of three diamond drill holes through the Mt Windarra ultramafics and zone of nickel mineralisation.
    THOMAS, A.P. 1970 - Joint analysis and hydrothermal alteration study at Stannary Hills, north Queensland.
    FRITH, N.H.J. 1971 - Magnetics of the Arkaba Diapir near Hawker, South Australia.
    HALL, J.S. 1971 - A comparative biogeochemical investigation in the semi-arid/arid zone of Western Australia.
    HARRIS, K.L. 1971 - The application of ion-exchange chromatography to the extraction of rare-earth elements from samples of granitic rock.
    HENSCHKE, M.A. 1971 - A combined geophysical study of basement structure in the Gambier Embayment, Otway Basin.
    JACOBSON, E.P. 1971 - A structural interpretation of a gravity and magnetic survey over greenstone rocks at Mt Windarra in Western Australia.
    McCLAY, K.R. 1971 - Interpretation of gravity and magnetic anomalies over the Jimberlana Norite, Norseman, Western Australia.
    MORONY, G.K. 1971 - Gravity and magnetic investigation of the Permian valleys of Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
    PECANEK, H.T. 1971 - A magnetic and gravimetric interpretation of the western margin of the Murray Basin.
    ROBERTSON, D.J. 1971 - An analytical migration of picked seismic sections.
    WATERHOUSE, J.D. 1971 - The geology of the Ethiudna and Walparuta Mine areas, Olary Province, South Australia.
    HARRIS, R.F. 1971 - The geology of Permian sediments and erratics, Troubridge Basin, South Australia.*
    HOFF, R.J. 1971 - Structural and petrological investigations in the metasediments near Centennial Mine, Broken Hill region.*
    MARLOW, P.C. 1971 - Detailed structural and petrological mapping of the Willyama metasediments in the Sundown area at Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    BARNES, R.G. 1971 - Structural and petrological investigations in the Mt Gipps area, Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    TOTEFF, S. 1971 - Cambrian geology of the Druid-Chase region, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    ROSS, A.F. 1971 - Studies of Broken Hill geology: 1. Relationships between dykes and sulphide ore of the Broken Hill Lode; 2. Structural elements in the Northern Leases.*
    ROBERTS, D.C. 1971 - Geophysical investigations in the Broken Hill area, New South Wales.
    HARVEY, P.D. 1971 - A study of the cell dimensions of feldspars, with particular reference to the determination of potassic alkali feldspars.
    HARVEY, P.D. 1971 - The geology and mineralisation of the Eurelia copper prospect.
    GABRIEEL, C.M. 1971 - The geology of the Emu Bore area, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    GAUNT, F.G.M. 1971 - The geology of the Kempes Bore area, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    MICHELMORE, T.R. 1971 - The geology of copper mineralised areas in the Olary Province.
    GEHLING, J.G. 1971 - The geology of the Reaphook Hill area, Flinders Ranges, South Australia.
    JOHNSON, K & OFFE, L. 1971 - The geology, petrology and geochemistry of the Barwidgee Ironstone Formations, Western Australia.
    FORD, C.H. 1971 - The Parachilna Formation and its trace fossils.*
    CARVER, R.N. 1971 - A detailed investigation of the soil geochemistry and mineralogy at Black Rabbit, Western Australia.
    WATCHMAN, A.L. 1971 - A study of two geological sections and the petrology and geochemistry of the ultramafic rocks - Mt Windarra orebody, Western Australia.*
    STOLZ, G.W. 1971 - The petrology, mineragraphy and geochemistry of the nickel ore zone and host ultramafic rocks at Scotia, Western Australia.
    BAXTER, D.R. 1971 - The petrology and geochemistry of an ultramafic body near Ravensthorpe, Phillips River Goldfield, Western Australia.
    FINLAYSON, B. 1971 - Radiometric studies of the Willyama Complex, near Olary, South Australia.
    DREW, G.J. 1971 - A geochemical study of the weathering zone at Mt Windarra, Western Australia.
    DUKE, R.W. 1972 - Velocity-depth relationships in the Otway Basin and their use in basin analysis.
    GILES, S.D. 1972 - Stratigraphic investigations of Tertiary sequences, western Murray Basin, South Australia.
    FOSTER, C.B. 1972 - Stratigraphy and palynology of the Permian at Waterloo Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.
    MAUGHAN, D.M. 1972 - Combined geophysical investigations in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.
    SMITH, R.J. 1972 - The determination of basement structure using gravity and seismic methods.
    VENZ, M.I. 1972 - Depth analysis of magnetic data and associated problems.
    WICKS, S.P. 1972 - Geology of part of the basement inlier northeast of Mt Compass.
    DAVIES, M.B. 1972 - The geology and petrology of an Archaean inlier south of Normanville.
    DAVIES, M.B. 1972 – The geochemistry of the 'Houghton' granulite.
    HEASLIP, J.E. 1972 - Review of the geology of the Mt Magnificent area.
    McEWIN, A.J. 1972 - Geology and petrology of part of the Archaean Inlier northeast of Yankalilla, Fleurieu Peninsula.
    HAMDORF, K.R. 1972 - The geology of the area east of Point Pass, South Australia, with emphasis on the Sturtian glacials.
    LOVE, R.J. 1972 - The geochemistry of the Tapley Hill Formation and the Sturt Tillite, near Darlington, South Australia.
    MORRIS, L.J. 1972 - The geology of the Eudunda-Hansborough area of South Australia with emphasis on the Pepuarta Tillite Formation of Upper Precambrian age.
    COTTRELL, D.L. 1972 - Structural and petrological study of the area west of the Parnell Mine, Broken Hill, New South Wales.*
    PARKER, A.J. 1972 - A petrological and structural study of a portion of the Olary Province west of Wiperaminga Hill, South Australia.*
    ROBERTSON, R.S. 1972 - Petrological and structural investigation of Willyama Complex rocks, Wiperaminga Hill area, South Australia.
    DRUMMOND, A.J. 1972 - The geology of the Australia Plains area, northern Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia.
    CURTIS, D.D. 1972 - A study of barium feldspars from Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    CURTIS, D.D. 1972 - Structural investigations in metasediments in the northern leases, Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    BARKER, L.R. 1972 - Structural and petrological investigations into the Willyama Complex near Corruga at Broken Hill, New South Wales.*
    JENKE, G.P. 1972 - Geophysical investigations in the Rupie Mine area, Broken Hill, New South Wales.
    WOOD, R.J. 1972 - The interpretation of ground magnetic and gravity data and its correlation with the geology in the Broken Hill area, New South Wales.
    SIMON, I.K. 1972 - A geological and petrological investigation of the massive dunite members of the Scotia ultramafic belt.
    NENKE, J.A. 1972 - Geochemistry and mineragraphy of the Nairne Pyrite deposit, Brukunga, South Australia.
    LEMON, N.M. 1972 - A sedimentological approach to the geology of the Corunna area, South Australia.
    MILTON, D.W. 1972 - An investigation of the siliceous 'cap-rocks' in the vicinity of and over the Scotia nickel sulphide deposit, Western Australia.
    LEE, M.F. 1972 - A fold study of the Lady Loretta area, Northwest Queensland.
    BURFORD, B.J. 1972 - Studies in Broken Hill geology: 1. Zoning in B Lode, Broken Hill; 2. Structural elements in banded sillimanite gneiss in an area west of Stephen's Creek Reservoir.
    LEE, S.D. 1972 - Structural and petrological investigations of the Willyama Complex in the Parnell Creek-Maybell Homestead area, Broken Hill region, New South Wales.*
    HASELGROVE, K.D. 1972 - The value of magnetic and electrical resistivity logging of diamond drill core from the Mt Keith nickeliferous serpentinite in Western Australia.
    EMMETT, B.D. 1973 - A seismic interpretation of the Panda-Boxwood area in the south-western Cooper Basin.
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  • Doctorate of Science

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Please Note: '*' denotes where there is a rock collection with the thesis.

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