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Summer Research Scholarships

Summer Research Scholarships in Chemistry, Earth Sciences (Geology) and Physics.

Students interested in doing Honours or further research studies after their undergraduate degree are encouraged to apply for the Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships (ASRS).  A number of additional scholarships may be funded by the School of Physical Sciences and research groups and institutes in the School for high achieving students who just missed out on an ASRS scholarship.

Summer scholarships are offered over the summer vacation and allow students participate in a research project for up to 6 weeks to get an introduction to a research experience. Students receive a living allowance of at least $200 per week for the 6 weeks.

The Adelaide Summer Research Scholarships are offered over the summer vacation and each scholarship provides a living allowance of $200 per week for a period of up to 6 weeks.

Scholarships are awarded with regard to academic merit and may be limited due to the availability of supervisors and a suitable research project within the School.

If you are studying in the areas of Chemistry, Earth Sciences (Geology) or Physics and are interested in doing a summer research project in one of these fields you must apply through the School of Physical Sciences as all applications need to be signed off by the Head of the School.

Students are usually required to have completed 2 years of study but students who have completed less than 2 years of study may be considered by the School.

To apply please follow these steps

  1. Download a copy of the Adelaide Summer Research application form and scholarship rules from the University Scholarships page;
  2. Look through the School of Physical Sciences research website to find the areas of research our academics and researchers are actively involved in;
  3. Think about the areas of study you found interesting and would like to explore further;
  4. Contact the academic/s in the area of your interest as you must get approval from the academic supervising the project. You may find it easier to contact them by email initially. As not all academics will have a research project available during this period you may need to consider more than one option;
  5. When you meet with an academic you will need to take a copy of the Adelaide Summer Scholarship application form and complete it with the academic supervising the project.

Application Process and Important Dates

  • You need to complete the form and get it signed by the academic supervising the project. Also remember to sign the applicant declaration at the end of the form.
  • Completed forms must be submitted in person to the School of Physical Sciences front office Ground Floor, Physics Building no later than Wednesday 4 October, 2017 at 5pm.
  • Your application form will be signed off by the School and delivered by the School Office Staff to Ask Adelaide, Hub Central by the closing date as stated on the form. We will email you a signed copy of your application.

All Summer Scholarship students must attend the School Welcome Session which includes the compulsory School Induction and HS&W Session on the first Monday after the primary exam period. You must attend this session before you commence your summer research scholarship project.

Further Questions

Contact the School of Physical Sciences on 8313 5996 or You are also welcome to drop in to the School Office, Physics Building, Ground Floor, Room G33 during opening hours 9:30 am to 11.30am and 1.30pm to 3.30pm and 4:30 to 5:00pm.


School of Physical Sciences

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