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Research in Optics and Photonics

Student Projects Available

High power lasers for gravitational wave interferometry
Developing ultra-stable, efficient, high power lasers for extreme remote sensing. Find out about our novel composite slab lasers.
Adaptive optics for gravitational wave interferometry
Our ultra-sensitive Hartmann wavefront sensor has been selected for use in Advanced LIGO.
ACIGA/LIGO High Optical Power Test Facility - See the video on LIGO!
Measuring the effect of absorption-induced wavefront distortion in interferometers.
Coherent laser radar for remote sensing of atmospheric wind fields
Monitoring pollution dispersion, and measuring clear-air turbulence and wind-shear in front of aircraft.
Sodium guide-star lasers for adaptive optics in extremely large optical telescopes
Removing the twinkle from the stars!
Cryogenic lasers
Lasers in space!
Large aperture lidar for investigating the middle atmosphere
Understanding the atmosphere.
Holographic correction of lidar receivers
Cheap, high quality mirrors for remote sensing of the atmosphere.
Polarimetric lidar for cirrus
Looking for aligned ice crystals in clouds.
Water vapour lidar system
Water is the most important greenhouse gas!
Ice and liquid water in clouds
Looking for what makes planes fall out of the sky.
Wavefront sensing in optometry and ophthalmology
High precision measurements that are accurate!
High Order Coherence and Interference
A little incoherence to improve the clarity!
Optics and Photonics Group
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