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School Seminars

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Seminar Coordinator: Dr Chris Newton (
Date Information Time Venue
16 Feb Prof Greg Challis, University of Warwick 12:00pm Macbeth LT
23 Feb Dr Yu Heng Lau, University of Sydney 12:00pm Macbeth LT
26 Feb Dr Jason Dutton, La Trobe University 12:00pm Hughes LT
13 Mar Prof Rob Britton, Simon Fraser University 12:00pm Hughes LT
15 Mar Prof Rob Ameloot (KU Leuven) 4:00pm Macbeth LT
23 Mar Prof Mike Ford, University of Technology Sydney 1:00pm Rennie LT
3 Apr A/Prof Pance Naumov, New York University Abu Dhabi 11:00am Rennie LT
5 Apr Dr Brendan Wilkinson, University of New England 12:00pm Rennie LT
6 Apr Dr Witold Bloch, University of Adelaide 1:00pm Rennie LT
23 Apr Prof Seth M Cohen, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego 3:00pm Macbeth LT
18 May Dr Christopher Newton, University of Adelaide 1:00pm Rennie LT
24 May Prof Greg Parsons, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University (USA) 4:00pm Macbeth LT
25 May Dr Anastasios (Tash) Polyzos, School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne 1:00pm Rennie LT
1 Jun Prof Mick Sherburn, Research School of Chemistry, ANU 1:00pm Rennie LT
15 Jun Prof David W. Lupton, School of Chemistry, Monash University 12:00pm Macbeth LT
20 Jun Prof Mary Garson, University of Queensland (recipient of 2018 RSC Australasian Lectureship) 12:00pm Macbeth LT
6 Jul A/Prof Sylvia Urban, RMIT 3:00pm Macbeth LT
10 Aug Dr John C. Fjeldsted, Agilent Distinguished Scientist and Senior Director for Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry 12:00pm Macbeth LT
10 Aug Dr Stefano Agnoli, University of Padova, Italy 3:00pm Macbeth LT
22 Aug Dr Simon James, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health 4:00pm Rennie LT
24 Aug Prof Douglas MacFarlane, Monash University 12:00pm Macbeth LT
7 Sep Dr Lara Malins, Research School of Chemistry, ANU 12:00pm Macbeth LT
21 Sep Associate Professor Luke Henderson, Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University 12:00pm Macbeth LT
28 Sep Dr Alan Payne, Curtin University 12:00pm Macbeth LT
5 Oct Professor Volker Hessel, Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide


Rennie LT

25 Oct Professor Herbert Mayr, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munich 1:00pm Rennie LT
2 Nov Dr Lidia Matesic, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), RACI Rita Conforth Lectureship 12:00pm Macbeth LT
9 Nov Professor Mark Rizzacasa, University of Melbourne 12:00pm Macbeth LT
16 Nov Professor David Jeffery, Department of Wine and Food Science, University of Adelaide 12:00pm Macbeth LT
Nov (tba) Dr Suzanne Neville (Sargeson Lecture) 12:00pm Macbeth LT
Chemistry Research Student Seminars
Date Information Time Venue
9 Feb

Alex Begbie and Katherine Stevens

12:00 Macbeth LT
16 Mar

Daniel Rankin

1:00 Rennie LT
13 Apr

Stella Child

1:00 Rennie LT
27 Apr

Aniket Kulkarni and Lauren Murray

1:00 Rennie LT
2 May

Joel Lee

1:00 Rennie LT
9 May

Stefania Sassnink

4:00 Macbeth LT
23 May

Parveen Pahuja

4:00 Macbeth LT
30 May

Huong Thi Lan Nguyen

4:00 Macbeth LT
4 Jun

Mid-Year Honours Presentations:

Thomas Almond

Ellen Swan



Rennie LT

Rennie LT

8 Aug

Jacob Marchant


Rennie LT

25 Sep

Xuanzhao Pan


Braggs 214

24 Oct

Chris Coleman, Mphil Student


Rennie LT

24 Nov

Andrew Tarzia, PhD Student


Rennie LT

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences
Date Information Time Venue
September 19, 2018

Dr Vic Gostin, UoA

'Rocks from space:  Acraman asteroid impact on the Earth's evolution'

4-6pm Mawson Lecture Theatre & Tate Museum
September 21, 2018

Dr Allison Karp, Pennsylvania State University

'Grassland fire ecology has roots in the Late Miocene'

3-4pm Mawson Lecture Theatre
October 5, 2014

Dr Naomi Tucker, UoA/UniSA

'Hot rocks in a cold place: what Antarctic geology tells us about Proterozoic metamorphism in Australia'

3-4pm Mawson Lecture Theatre
Earth Sciences Research Student Seminars
Date Information Time Venue


Date Information Time Venue
23 Mar

Prof Jorge Chau, Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the Rostock University

4pm Darling West LT
20 Apr

Prof Brian Fick, Michange Technology University

4pm Darling West LT
25 May

Professor Anton Van Den Hengel, University of Adelaide - AI, ML, and the AIML

4pm Darling West LT
1 Jun

Professor Michele Zanolin, Space Physics Department, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

4pm Darling West LT
7 Sep

Associate Professor Gary Hill, School of Physical Sciences, University of Adelaide

4pm Kerr Grant LT
14 Sep

Aidan F. Brooks (LIGO Lab)

4pm Kerr Grant LT

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