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School Seminars

Chemistry | Earth Sciences | Physics


Date Information Time Venue
19 May Dr Kellie Tuck, Monash University 12:00pm Macbeth
26 May Dr Thomas Fallon, Massey University 12:00pm Macbeth
16 Jun Prof Martin Banwell, ANU 12:00pm Macbeth
12 Jul Prof Russell Varley, Deakin University 12:00pm Macbeth
21 Jul Prof Neil Barnett, Deakin University (RSC Australasion Lectureship) 12:00pm Macbeth
25 Jul Prof G Gescheidt, Graz University of Technology 4:00pm Macbeth
28 Jul Susumu Kitagawa, Kyoto University 12:00pm Macbeth
31 Jul Prof Tatsuya Tsukuda, Kyoto University 3:00pm Braggs 314
4 Aug Gonzalo Cosa, McGill University 12:00pm Macbeth
16 Aug Prof Xiaoguang Lei, Peking University 4:00pm Rennie
15 Sep Dr Nicholas White, ANU 12:00pm Macbeth
6 Oct Prof Paul Curmi, UNSW 12:00pm Macbeth
20 Oct Prof Mats Andersson, UNISA 12:00pm Macbeth
26 Oct Prof Paul Low, UWA, IPAS 3:30pm The Braggs, Level 2, Meeting Room
1 Nov Prof Paul Burn, University of Queensland 3:00pm Macbeth
3 Nov Prof Deanna D'Alessandro, Sydney Uni 12:00pm Macbeth
6 Dec

Assoc Prof Justin Benesch, Uni of Oxford

12:00pm Macbeth
8 Dec

Prof David Black, UNSW

(winner of David Craig Medal 2017)

3:00pm Macbeth
Chemistry Research Student Seminars
Date Information Time Venue
9 Jun Tom Coleman 12:00pm Macbeth
23 Jun Hilton Lam 12:00pm Macbeth
5 Jul Renata Lippi 12:00pm Macbeth
7 Jul Natasha Madigan and Oliver Linder-Patton 12:00pm Macbeth
14 Jul Henry Saunders 12:00pm Macbeth
11 Aug Junda Li (M. Phil Final seminar) 12:00pm Macbeth
18 Aug Georgina Sylvia (Final year PhD seminar) 12:00pm Macbeth
1 Sep Harley Betts and Georgios Sopasis 12:00pm Macbeth
29 Sep Aaron Day 12:00pm Macbeth
13 Oct Alexandra Stuart 12:00pm Macbeth
18 Oct Belinda Boehm 4:00pm Rennie
10 Nov Kate Flint and Rosemary Young 12:00pm Macbeth
17 Nov Patrick Capon and Aimee Horsfall 12:00pm Macbeth
22 Nov Kathryn Palasis and Yuan Qi Yeoh 4:00pm Rennie
29 Nov Jiawei Li 4:00pm Rennie
8 Dec Nicholas Schumann 12:00pm Macbeth

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences
Date Information Time Venue

Seminar series to be announced early 2018

Earth Sciences Research Student Seminars
Date Information Time Venue


Date Information Time Venue
19 May Nikita Simakov, DSTG
A Review of Laser Activities at DST Group
 4pm Kerr Grant Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Room 103
23 Jun

Dr Greg Lane, ANU
Galactic dark matter search with the SABRE detector in the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory

 4pm Kerr Grant Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Room 103
18 Aug

Prof Graham Heinson, University of Adelaide
The Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP)

4pm Kerr Grant Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Room 103
25 Aug

Dr Ben Sparkes, University of Adelaide
Gradient Echo Memory: a GEM for Quantum Information Processing

4pm Kerr Grant Lecture Theatre, Physics Building Room 103

School of Physical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences
Physics Building


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