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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  1. V. Dantanarayana, D.M. Huang, J. A. Staton, A.J. Moulé, R. Faller, "Multi-scale modeling of bulk heterojunctions for organic photovoltaic applications", in Third Generation Photovoltaics, V. Fthenakis, Ed. (Intech, Rijeka, 2012), chap. 2, pp. 29–60
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Refereed Conference Papers

  1. M. Ayub, A.C. Zander, C.Q. Howard, B.S. Cazzolato, D.M. Huang, N.T. Alvarez, V.N. Shanov, "Acoustic absorption behaviour of a tall carbon nanotube forest", in Proceedings of Acoustics2016 – The Second Australasian Acoustical Societies Conference, edited by I.D.M. Hillock, D.J. Mee (9–11 November 2016, Brisbane, Australia)
  2. M. Ayub, A.C. Zander, C.Q. Howard, B.S. Cazzolato, V.N. Shanov, N.T. Alvarez, D.M. Huang, "Acoustic absorption behaviour of carbon nanotube arrays", in Internoise 2014: Proceedings of the 43rd International Congress on Noise Control Engineering, edited by J. Davy, C. Don, T. McMinn, L. Dowsett, N. Broner, M. Burgess (16–19 November 2014, Melbourne, Australia)
  3. M. Ayub, A.C. Zander, C.Q. Howard, B.S. Cazzolato, D.M. Huang, "A review of MD simulations of acoustic absorption mechanisms at the nanoscale", in Acoustics 2013 Victor Harbour: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, edited by T. McMinn (17–20 November 2013, Victor Harbour, Australia)
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