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Group Leader

Dr David M Huang is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Adelaide.

He received his BSc degree (Hons I and University Medal) in Physical Chemistry from the University of Sydney. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to undertake postgraduate studies in the United States and obtained his PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

After a stint as a scientific copy editor for Springer-Verlag, he carried out postdoctoral research at the University of Lyon, then at the University of California, Davis. He joined the academic staff in the School of Chemistry and Physics, now the School of Physical Sciences, at the University of Adelaide in 2010.

Current Members

Andrew Tarzia (PhD student, with Christian Doonan)
Hywel Bennett (PhD student, with Anthony Zander and Ben Cazzolato (Mech Eng))
Mohammad Babazadeh (PhD student, with Paul Burn (University of Queensland))
Belinda Boehm (PhD student)
Alexandra Stuart (PhD student, with Tak Kee)
Elisabeth Schrefl (MPhil student, with Tak Kee)
Daniel Rankin (MPhil student)
Huong Nguyen (MPhil student)

Former Members

PhD students

Patrick Tapping (PhD 2017)
Md Ayub (PhD 2016)
Jack Evans (PhD 2016)

MPhil students

Sophia Ackling (MPhil 2017)
Belinda Boehm (MPhil 2018)
Alexandra Stuart (MPhil 2018, with Tak Kee)

Honours students

Harrison Waugh (Honours 2016)
Charlie Whidborne (Honours 2014)
Simon Blacket (Honours 2013)
Alex Button (Honours 2013)
Mathew James (Honours 2013)
Kaustubh Naik (Honours 2012)
Kyra Schwarz (Honours 2011)
Ming Chiu (Honours 2011)

Previous Group Photos

March 2017: (l-r) Hanieh Ghodrati, Daniel Rankin, Belinda Boehm, Andrew Tarzia, Alexandra Stuart, Elisabeth Schrefl, David Huang
March 2016: (back: l-r) Andrew Tarzia, Patrick Tapping, Harry Waugh, Louis Ritchie, Daniel Rankin
                     (front: l-r) Sophia Ackling, Hanieh Ghodrati, Belinda Boehm, Alexandra Stuart, David Huang
March 2015: (l-r) David Huang, Patrick Tapping, Andrew Tarzia, Daniel Rankin, Sophia Ackling
April 2014: (l-r) Charlie Whidborne, Andrew Tarzia, Patrick Tapping, David Huang
July 2013: (l-r) David Huang, Simon Blacket, Patrick Tapping, Alex Button

Huang Research Group
Please direct any enquiries to:

Dr David M Huang
School of Physical Sciences
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


T: +61 8 8313 5580
F: +61 8 8313 4380