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Joint CSSM/CoEPP Meeting Room (for smaller groups and video meetings)

The Meeting Room (Room 114f in the Annexe) is set up with the following audio-visual equipment:

  • Sony ceiling-mounted projector (1920x1080 resolution)
  • iMac with second monitor, and Chat 150 echo-cancelling microphone
  • Google Chromebox for Meetings
  • full-HD PTZ camera accessible to the Chromebox for Meetings unit.
  • a separate full-HD webcam (non-PTZ) is connected directly to the Mac, and is located on the table.

Bookings for the CSSM/CoEPP meeting room can be made upon request.

Please send inquiries to

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Joint CSSM/CoEPP Seminars

Venue Physics Seminar Room 121, Physics Building, University of Adelaide
Time 3pm on Wednesdays unless indicated otherwise
Participants Please feel free to attend - everyone is welcome!
Would you like to present a seminar? If so, please contact the current seminar organiser, Hrayr Matevosyan - Seminar Enquiries

  • Forthcoming seminars on Google calendar

    View this calendar in iCal format.

  • List of 2017 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    27/7/2017 Dr. Wally Melnitchouk (JLab) Towards a universal QCD analysis of parton distribution and fragmentation functions
    26/7/2017 Dr. Fernanda Steffens (DESY) PDFs from quasi-PDFs
    21/6/2017 Dr. Lydia Roos (LPNHE/IN2P3/CNRS Paris) Higgs studies and related searches in ATLAS
    12/5/2017 Associate Professor Bruce Yabsley (The University of Sydney)
  • List of 2016 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    16/11/2016 Dr. Jirina Rikovska-Stone (U. Tennessee) Low-energy nuclear structure, compact objects and all that…
    9/11/2016 Dr. Marek Lewicki (CoEPP Adelaide) Electroweak baryogenesis aided by non-standard cosmology
    2/11/2016 Dr. Juan Herrero-Garcia (CoEPP Adelaide) Higgs lepton flavour violation: UV completions and connection to neutrino masses
    26/10/2016 Jack Dragos (CSSM) Improved Hadronic Matrix Element Determination Using the Variational Method
    25/10/2016 Dr. Marcin Chrząszcz (University of Zurich) New Physics signatures in Rare Decays from LHCb
    19/10/2016 A. Prof. Paul Jackson (CoEPP Adelaide) Circular Electron Positron Collider: A Higgs Factory in China
    24/8/2016 Dr. Giorgio Busoni (CoEPP Melbourne) Is there Dark Matter in the Sun?
    20/7/2016 Dr. Chris Rogan (Harvard) Exploring Collider Phase-space with Recursive Jigsaw Reconstruction
    13/7/2016 Dr. T.J. Khoo (Uni Geneva) Missing Transverse Momentum reconstruction in ATLAS — performance and challenges
    7/7/2016 Alex Chambers (CSSM) Hadron Structure from the Feynman-Hellmann Theorem in Lattice QCD
    6/7/2016 Tarquin Ralph (ANU) The Trick to Money is Having Some – why a Physics degree is useful in business
    1/7/2016 Dr. Sasha Glazov (DESY) Precision tests of the Standard Model at the LHC
    22/6/2016 Prof. Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut) Decoding the Path Integral
    13/5/2016 Dr. Archil Kobakhidze (University of Sydney) Anomalous Higgs couplings, electroweak phase transition and its cosmological implications
    13/4/2016 Dr. Lewis Tunstall (University of Bern) Lepton flavour (universality) violation in rare kaon decays
    6/4/2016 Prof. Harald Fritzsch (Ludwig Maximilian University) Composite Weak Bosons
    10/2/2016 Dr. Don Sinclair (Argonne National Laboratory Complex Langevin Simulations of Finite-Density QCD
    20/1/2016 Dr. Pat Scott (Imperial College, London) Ultra-compact mini-halos as probes of small-scale cosmology
  • List of 2015 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    25/11/2015 Prof. Joannis Vergados (Univesity of Ioannina, Greece) Dark Matter in the Cosmos - The hunt to find it in the laboratory
    11/11/2015 Dr. Ross Young (CSSM/CoEPP) QCD+QED II: Hadron spectrum in lattice simulations
    4/11/2015 Dr. Ross Young (CSSM/CoEPP) QCD+QED I: Quark masses and phenomenology
    28/10/2015 Prof. Brian Robson (ANU) Dark energy, dark matter and gravity
    16/9/2015 Dr. Francesca Ungaro (CoEPP Melbourne) Search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark with the ATLAS detector
    9/9/2015 Dr. Andreas Petridis (CoEPP) Searches for the electroweak production of supersymmetric particles with the ATLAS detector
    5/8/2015 Dr. Bernhard Muller (Monash) Supernova explosions- laboratories for matter under extreme conditions
    30/7/2015 Dr. David Richards (JLab) Horses for courses- lattice calculations for structure and spectroscopy
    29/7/2015 Dr. Vladimir Paskalutsa (Uni. of Mainz) Hadronic structure at the precision frontier
    8/7/2015 Jack Dragos (CSSM) Improving Hadron Matrix Element Determination using the Variational Method
    24/6/2015 Prof. Kim Maltman (York University, Canada) Resolving the puzzle of the inclusive tau decay determination of V_us?
    6/5/2015 Prof. Michael Tobar (UWA) Solving Quantum Gravity and the Nature of Dark Matter Through Low-Energy Precision Measurement
    15/4/2015 Dr. Wally Melnitchouk (JLab) How much intrinsic charm is there in the nucleon?
    8/4/2015 Dr. Julian Beringut (UNSW)
    18/3/2015 Prof. Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State University) Quark Orbital Angular Momentum
    4/2/2015 Dr. Ross Young (CSSM/CoEPP) Quantum electrodynamics in lattice hadron spectroscopy
  • List of 2014 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    26/11/2014 Prof. Anthony Thomas (CSSM/CoEPP) Summary of 36th International School of Nuclear Physics in Erice, Italy.
    19/11/2014 Dr. Soumya Rao (CSSM/CoEPP) Non-universal gaugino mass models vis-a-vis Dark Matter and LHC
    5/11/2014 Dr. Jiajun Wu (CSSM) Pion Production in Neutrino- Deuteron Reactions
    29/10/2014 Dr. Shivani Gupta (CoEPP) Status of tri-bimaximal and $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetries after non-zero reactor mixing angle
    22/10/2014 Dr. Jirina Rikovska-Stone (Tennessee) The high-density matter problem: Can it be solved?
    15/10/2014 Dr. Jinmian Li (CoEPP) NMSSM Explanations of the Galactic Gamma-Ray Excess and Promising LHC Searches
    8/10/2014 Dr. Pankaj Sharma (CoEPP) Exploring new physics using top polarization at the Large Hadron Collider
    28/8/2014 Dr. Chris Rogan (Harvard University) Kinematic Variables for Weakly Interacting Particles at the LHC
    20/8/2014 Prof. Gerrit Schierholz (DESY) Electromagnetic Mass Splittings from Dynamical Lattice QCD+QED
    13/8/2014 Dr. Lawrence Lee (CoEPP, Adelaide) A Search for B-violating Supersymmetry in Multijet Signatures at the ATLAS Experiment
    23/7/2014 Prof. Peter Tandy (Kent State U.) Inside Mesons: Insights for Hadron Physics & QCD
    25/6/2014 Dr. Ayse Kizilersu (CSSM) Where is the mass in Q(E-C)D?
    18/6/2014 James Barnard (Uni. of Melbourne) Compositeness vs supersymmetry
    28/5/2014 Christopher Savage (University of Utah) Direct detection of dark matter: status and issues
    7/5/2014 Dr. Lewis Tunstall (Bern University) Chiral-scale perturbation theory for baryons and non-analytic corrections to octet masses
    30/4/2014 Samuel Thomas and Finn Stokes (CSSM) "The confining structure of QCD at finite temperature" & "Instantons and the Hadron Mass Spectrum in Lattice QCD"
    16/4/2014 Prof. Timothy Londergan (University of Indiana) Intrinsic Strange and Charm Quark Distributions
    2/4/2014 Jonivar Skullerud (NUI Maynooth) Quark-gluon plasma phenomenology from anisotropic lattice QCD
    26/3/2014 Dr. Christoph Weniger Indirect dark matter searches with gamma-rays and positrons
    12/3/2014 Dr. Paul Jackson (CoEPP)
    5/3/2014 Dr. Wally Melnitchouk (JLab) Nucleon structure from global QCD analysis of parton distributions
    25/2/2014 Prof. Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State Uni.) Quark Orbital Angular Momentum
    5/2/2014 Dr. Jiajun Wu (Argonne) Finite-volume Hamiltonian for coupled channel interactions in lattice QCD
    23/1/2014 Prof. Alex Brown (Michigan State Uni.) Constraints on the Skyrme Equations of State from Properties of Doubly-Magic Nuclei and from Ab-Initio Calculations of Low-Density Neutron Matter
    22/1/2014 Christian Schultz (Old Dominion University & JLab) Radiative Physics on the Lattice
  • List of 2013 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    11/12/2013 Dr. Lei Chang (CSSM) Pion Structure and $Q^2$ Evolution of Form Factor
    4/12/2013 Dr. Roman Nevzorov (CoEPP) Phenomenological aspects of the Higgs boson physics in SUSY models
    27/11/2013 Dr. Zhan-Wei Liu (CSSM) Hadron Interactions at Low Energy with Chiral Perturbation Theory
    13/11/2013 Prof. Csaba Balazs (CoEPP Monash) Axino dark matter in Peccei-Quinn extended minimal supergravity
    6/11/2013 Dr. Xuan-Gong Wang (CSSM) Effective Field Theory and its applications to meson resonances
    9/10/2013 Manuel Carrillo (CSSM) Masses and axial charges of the Baryon Octet in the NJL Model
    11/9/2013 Prof. Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut) Resurgence': from rainbows to QCD
    5/9/2013 Dylan Harries & Filip Rajec (CoEPP)
    4/9/2013 Dr. Cédric Simenel (ANU) Quantum description of transfer reactions in collisions of composite systems
    14/8/2013 Prof. Elisabetta Barberio (CoEPP Melbourne) Is the Higgs Boson , a Higgs boson?
    24/7/2013 Ben Menadue (CSSM) Electromagnetic Structure of the Λ(1405) from Lattice QCD
    26/6/2013 Phiala Shanahan (CoEPP) Charge symmetry violation in baryon masses and quark distribution moments
    12/6/2013 Dr. Ross Young (CoEPP)
    15/5/2013 Prof. Daniel Phillips (Ohio University) Recent results in chiral EFT for the two-nucleon system
    8/5/2013 Dr. Ross Young (CoEPP)
    1/5/2013 Benjamin Owen (CSSM) "Accessing matrix elements through variational methods in Lattice QCD
    27/3/2013 Prof. Kevin Varvell (Sydney) Testing the Standard Model using leptonic and semileptonic B-meson decays
    20/3/2013 Prof. Jirina Rikovska-Stone (Tennessee) High-Density Matter
    14/3/2013 Nathan Hall (CSSM) Interference Radiative Corrections to the Proton’s Weak Charge
    6/3/2013 Prof. Nicholas Stone Pathological Physics is alive and well
    26/2/2013 Pierre Guichon (CEA-Saclay) Continuum limit of lattice QCD and non perturbative renormalization
    20/2/2013 Sara Diglio (CoEPP Melbourne) Heavy Higgs: Standard Model and Beyond
    23/1/2013 Dr. Wally Melnitchouk (JLab) Pion loops in equal-time and light-front dynamics: pseudovector vs. pseudoscalar theories
  • List of 2012 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    4/12/2012 Prof. Raymond Volkas, University of Melbourne Constructing radiative neutrino mass models that can be probed at the LHC
    17/10/2012 Jonathan Carroll (Adelaide) Non-perturbative QED spectrum of muonic hydrogen
    10/10/2012 James Barnard (Melbourne) Natural gauge mediation at the LHC
    3/10/2012 Tony Gherghetta (Melbourne) Natural SUSY, split families and unification
    20/9/2012 Ishwaree Neupane (Canterbury, NZ) Strings, Extra Dimensional Cosmology and New Physics
    12/9/2012 Dr. Guilherme Nunes Hanninger (CoEPP Melbourne) Higgs Boson Search with ATLAS
    5/9/2012 Fred Myhrer (University of South Carolina) Core-collapse Supernovae Neutrino Emissions beyond the Urca Processes
    29/8/2012 Steven Kerr (University of Nottingham) A one-dimensional fermonic TQFT
    27/8/2012 Steven Kerr (University of Nottingham) Introduction to sum-over-histories quantisation of gravity
    22/8/2012 Cael Hasse (Adelaide) Particle Indistinguishability, Entanglement and Non-Locality
    17/8/2012 Irina Sagert (Michigan State University) Strange matter in core collapse supernovae
    15/8/2012 Jonathan Hall (CSSM) An improved chiral expansion using a pion-mass dispersion relation
    8/8/2012 Doyoun Kim (Monash) Light Higgs and light stop searches at the early stage of LHC
    25/7/2012 Eoin Kerrane (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) Constraining Models of EWSB using Lattice Computations
    19/7/2012 Will Detmold (College of William and Mary, and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility) From QCD to nuclei
    18/7/2012 Christopher Rogan (Caltech) Razor Searches at the LHC
    13/7/2012 Prof. Kevin Varvell (Sydney) Measurement of Collins asymmetries in inclusive production of pion pairs in electron-positron collisions at BABAR
    20/6/2012 Anthony van Eysden (Uni Melbourne) Probing bulk nuclear matter using pulsar glitch recovery
    15/6/2012 Dr. Selim Mahbub and Ben Menadue (CSSM) Lattice 2012 Practice Talks
    13/6/2012 Ben Owen and Thomas Primer (CSSM) Practice talks for Lattice 2012
    30/5/2012 Dr. Jonathan Hall and Phiala Shanahan (CSSM) "Baryon resonances in a finite volume: improved phase shift extraction" & "Sigma terms from and SU(3) chiral extrapolation"
    23/5/2012 Dr. Nitesh Soni (CoEPP) Progress towards the discovery physics at ATLAS
    16/5/2012 Dr. Martin White (CoEPP Melbourne) Should we continue to believe in supersymmetry, and how can we tell?
    9/5/2012 Dr. Kazuo Tsushima (CSSM) J/Psi mass shift and J/Psi-nuclear bound states
    2/5/2012 Dr. James Zanotti (CSSM) Probing Baryon Structure with Lattice QCD
    29/3/2012 Prof. Jirina Stone (Oxford) Neutron stars and their importance in the general scheme of physics: Lecture 3
    22/3/2012 Prof. Jirina Stone (Oxford) Neutron stars and their importance in the general scheme of physics: Lecture 2
    15/3/2012 Prof. Jirina Stone (Oxford) Neutron stars and their importance in the general scheme of physics: Lecture 1
    14/3/2012 Prof. Masud Chaichian (U. Helsinki) CPT and Lorenz invariance: their relation and violation
    7/3/2012 Lewis Tunstall (CSSM) Origin of ΔI = 1/2 Rule for Kaon Decays: QCD Infrared Fixed Point
    29/2/2012 Parada Hutauruk (CSSM) Neutrino and Anti-Neutrino Interaction with Dense Matter
    15/2/2012 Prof. Radhey Shyam (CSSM) Study of Strangeness -1 and -2 hypernuclei
    8/2/2012 Prof. Bruce McKellar (U. Melbourne) What can we learn about non-standard model CP violation from Hadrons?
  • List of 2011 seminars
    Date Speaker Title
    14/12/2011 Dr. Paul Jackson (CoEPP) ATLAS/LHC 2011 highlights
    7/12/2011 Sophie Underwood (CSSM) Dark matter and neutralino-hadron cross sections in the NMSSM
    2/12/2011 Daniel Whittenbury (CSSM) S-wave bosons and the baryon octet in the Hartree-Fock Approximation of the QMC Model
    30/11/2011 Galib Souadi (CSSM) β-function, fixed points and energy scales
    22/11/2011 Manuel Carrillo Variations in Binding Energies with Respect to Changes in Fundamental Constants
    18/11/2011 Dr. Wally Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab) New parton distributions from large-x data: implications for JLab to the LHC
    16/11/2011 Ben Owen (CSSM) An Introduction to Form Factors on the Lattice
    11/11/2011 Ben Menadue (CSSM) The Λ(1405) in (2+1)-flavour Lattice QCD
    9/11/2011 Dr. Hrayr Matevosyan (CSSM) Applications of GPU Computing in Hadronic Physics
    2/11/2011 Dr. Jong Soo Kim (CoEPP) Light Stop Searches at the LHC in Events with two b-Jets and Missing Energy
    28/10/2011 Dr. Gilberto Ramalho (CFTP, Lisbon) Electromagnetic structure of nucleon resonances
    26/10/2011 Dr. Jong Soo Kim (CoEPP) Light Stop Searches at the LHC with Monojets Events
    19/10/2011 and 12/10/2011 Dr. Peter Athron (CoEPP) Supersymmetry and exceptional new physics
    28/9/2011 Chi-Pin Hsu (CSSM) Resonances in a Finite Volume
    14/9/2011 Andrew Casey (CSSM) Investigating Dihadron Fragmentation Functions in the NJL-jet model
    7/9/2011 Dale Roberts (CSSM) Wave functions of the proton from Lattice QCD
    31/8/2011 Nicolas Ivancevic (CSSM) Fermion Fields with Gauge Symmetries in the Presence of Gravity
    10/8/2011 Prof. Derek Leinweber (CSSM) Impact of center vortex removal on chiral symmetry breaking in SU(3) gauge field theory
    3/8/2011 Nathan Hall (CSSM) Finite Volume Corrections to the Nucleon Axial Charge
    27/7/2011 Lewis Tunstall (CSSM) The Rise, Fall, and Rise of the Chiral Dilaton
    2/6/2011 Jonathan Hall (CSSM) Chiral Effective Field Theory Beyond the Power-Counting Regime
    6/4/2011 Dr. Kim Maltman (York University) Duality Violations and the Hadronic Tau Decay Determination of alpha_s
    16/2/2011 (?) Dr. Sundance Bilson-Thompson (CSSM) Which Road to Quantum Gravity?
    16/2/2011 (?) Prof. Gerald Miller (University of Washington) Transverse Charge Densities

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