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Research Opportunities

Opportunities to do research within the Adelaide HEP group are available at a variety of levels, ranging from undergraduate research projects to postdoctoral positions with the group.

The research interests of our group are diverse and include both experimental and theoretical projects. Research positions in both particle physics theory and experiment are offered by the group. Positions may be supported by a number of prestigious research fellowships provided by the Australian Research Council (ARCLink to external site), including through the ARC DECRALink to external site and Future FellowshipsLink to external site programs. There are also opportunities for postgraduate and undergraduate study in high-energy physics. Please contact us for further details about employment opportunities or studying with the group.


Available Positions

Information about job opportunities with the Adelaide group may be found on this page when positions are available. Further details may also be found under the listing of currently available positions within the university. A listing of open positions within CoEPPLink to external site at the national level is also available.


Postgraduate Opportunities

Opportunities for postgraduate study within the group are available for domestic and international students. Students interested in undertaking a PhD or Masters program within the group should see the Research page for an idea of the possible research areas that may be considered. Important details regarding postgraduate study, including details about scholarships, is provided by the Adelaide Graduate Centre. Please note that international students will need to apply for an international scholarship. For more detailed information about postgraduate study with the group, please contact us.


Honours Opportunities

Enquiries from potential Honours students are welcome. Honours projects with the group will be of an experimental or theoretical nature, or may potentially combine elements of both, and will typically investigate a topic related to the research interests of the group. Information about the Honours year, as well as contact details for enquiries about Honours study within the School of Physical Sciences and a list of available projects, is available from the school (please select the "Physics" tab, and look for the link for the current year's Honours Project Booklet).


Undergraduate Opportunities

Vacation scholarships are available each year for undergraduate students interested in undertaking a short research project during the summer break. In these projects, students have the opportunity to work closely with researchers in the group, in order to develop their research skills and further their understanding of particle physics outside of regular coursework. Additional information and application forms are available from the summer research scholarships page.

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