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General Enquiries Address
Ph: +61 8 8313 3533
Fax: +61 8 8313 3551
Physics Building,
Level 1, Room 126,
North Terrace ADELAIDE SA 5005


Academic Staff

  Name Contact Publications
Professor Anthony Thomas Professor Anthony Thomas A. W. ThomasLink to external site
Professor Tony Williams Professor Tony Williams A. G. WilliamsLink to external site
Dr Paul Jackson A/Prof. Paul Jackson P. D. JacksonLink to external site
Dr Hrayr Matevosyan Dr. Hrayr Matevosyan H. H. MatevosyanLink to external site
Dr Martin White Dr. Martin White M. J. WhiteLink to external site
Dr Ross Young A./Prof. Ross Young R. D. YoungLink to external site

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Research Associates

  Name Contact Publications
Dr Juan Herrero-Garcia Dr. Juan Herrero-Garcia J. Herrero-GarciaLink to external site
Dr Shivani Gupta Dr. Shivani Gupta S. GuptaLink to external site
Dr Andreas Petridis Dr. Andreas Petridis A. PetridisLink to external site
Dr Pankaj Sharma Dr. Pankaj Sharma P. SharmaLink to external site

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PhD Students

  Name Contact Publications
Ankit Beniwal Ankit Beniwal Ankit BeniwalLink to external site
Damir Duvnjak Damir Duvnjak
Sophie Hollitt Sophie Hollitt
Nicolas Ivancevic Nicolas Ivancevic N. IvancevicLink to external site
Kay Marie Martinez Kay Marie Martinez
Zachary Matthews Zachary Matthews
Daniel Murnane Daniel Murnane
Jason Oliver Jason Oliver
Riley Patrick Riley Patrick
Robert Perry Robert Perry
Anum Qureshi Anum Qureshi A. QureshiLink to external site
Filip Rajec Filip Rajec Filip RajecLink to external site
Marco Santoni Marco Santoni M. SantoniLink to external site
Andre Scaffidi Andre Scaffidi A. ScaffidiLink to external site
Abhishek Sharma Abhishek Sharma

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Masters Students

  Name Contact
Harry Poulter Harry Poulter
Edmund Ting Edmund Ting
Stephen Tronchin Stephen Tronchin

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2017 Honours Students

Name Contact
Emily Filmer
Minh Tan Ha
Nicholas Leerdam

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Technical Staff

Name Contact
Ramona Adorjan (computing officer)
Dr. Padric McGee (web and AV)

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Administrative Staff

Name Contact
Sharon Johnson
Silvana Santucci

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Affiliate Research Groups

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High-Energy Physics

Room 126, Level 1
Physics Building
University of Adelaide
Adelaide, SA 5005


T: +61 8 8313 3533