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News and Events

News (2017)

8/11/2017: The CoEPP 2016 Annual Report is available from here Link to external site.

16/8/2017 : RiAus "Battle of the Brains". In what was undoubtedly a highlight of National Science Week, University of Adelaide CoEPP researchers Alex Chambers, Sophie Hollitt and Martin White appeared in the RiAus National Science Week event "Battle of the Brains" at the Science Exchange building in Adelaide. This live quiz show, which attracted an audience of around 150 discriminating citizens, included various physics trivia questions, charades with audience members, and an incredibly challenging lip-reading round in which Martin utterly failed to guess physics words mouthed by Sophie whilst listening to loud music.

1/3/2017 : 2017 CoEPP Workshop. The Adelaide CoEPP node has just finished hosting a very successful national workshop (February 20th-24th). Comprising both a summer school for students as well as the formal presentation program, it was another fine opportunity for HEP students and local and international researchers to meet and discuss their work. Many thanks to all who attended, and to those who organised and assisted with the running of the workshop.

Session at the workshop

  • 2016 News

    19/12/2016 : Dark matter in the news. Tony Williams has written an article which appears in The ConversationLinkt to external site, outlining  the plans for construction of the Stawell Underground Physics Lab (SUPL), and the SABRE dark matter direct-detection experiment. A similar articleLink to external site appeared in the Herald Sun (available to subscribers).

    29/11/2016 : The Adelaide node will be hosting the 2017 Annual Workshop Link to external site, February 20th-24th 2017. The workshop always is an excellent opportunity for CoEPP staff, researchers and students to get together. Announcements have been circulated via email, and we look forward to seeing a good crowd down by the beach!

    25/8/2016 : PhD student Daniel Murnane won the Faculty of Science final of "3-Minute Thesis" on 25 August 2016, with a presentation entitled "A most natural Universe”.

    12/8/2016 : Former CoEPP Adelaide node student, Dr. Phiala Shanahan (now at the Centre for Theoretical Physics at MIT), was the recipient of the 2016 Ph.D Research Excellence award at the Science Excellence Awards SA Link to external site.

    13/7/2016 : Sophie Underwood has qualified for her PhD, supervised by Professor Tony Thomas.

    7/7/2016 : Martin White has been awarded a France-Australia Science Innovation Collaboration (FASIC) Early Career Fellowship, to travel to Paris in September to work on diphoton physics with the ATLAS group, and will be working with Lydia Roos at LPNHE.

    5/5/2016 : The CoEPP 2015 Annual Report is available from hereExternal link to national CoEPP website.

    3/5/2016 : Former CoEPP Adelaide node student, Dr. Phiala Shanahan (now at the Centre for Theoretical PhysicsLink to external site at MIT), is the 2016 recipient of the Australian Institute of Physics' Bragg Gold Medal for the best PhD thesis by a student at an Australian university. The Medal will be presented at the AIP Congress in December.

  • 2015 News

    30/11/2015 : Congratulations to Paul Jackson and Ross Young, who have both been promoted to Associate Professor.

    September 2015 : The latest issue of the CoEPP Newsletter, SPIN, is now available from hereLink to external site.

    21/8/2015 : Phiala Shanahan has completed her Ph.D. and will take up a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at MIT, Boston, on 1 September, 2015. All CoEPP members wish Phiala the very best for this next stage in her career, and we look forward to having her as a guest speaker in our symposium programme in the future!

    27/7/2015 : Dr. Martin White was announced as one of the South Australian finalists in the Tall Poppies awardsLink to external site for 2015. Amongst other things, this is may be considered as recognition of the general interest shown in the wider community for the progress and results of high-energy physics in recent years.

    June 2015 : Kaustubh Naik has completed his Master's degree as at the end of June. Best wishes to Kaustubh for his forthcoming endeavours!

Events (2016)

8/2/2016 - 15/3/2016    Exhibition at the Science Exchange, Adelaide

Hosted by RiAusLink to external site, Collision 2015Link to external site is an exhibition of artworks inspired by the anticipated results from the post-upgrade observations of the Large Hadron Collider, following improvements which allow it to reach higher collision energies.

Part of the 2016 Adelaide FringeLink to external site, this exhibition will allow you to view the contestants' imaginings and visual interpretations of what may come from a newly-revitalised LHC.

  • 2015 Events
    8/12/2015   Public lecture on the LHC

    Paul Jackson will present a public lecture on the LHC and it results thus far, and prospects for the future.

    Tuesday, December 8th at 17:30, Braggs Lecture Theatre. Bookings essential. See hereLink to external site for more information.

    18/8/2015   Screening of "Particle Fever" during National Science Week 2015

    As part of National Science Week in 2015 (August 15th-23rd), the Adelaide node of CoEPP will host a screening of the film "Particle Fever", on Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 p.m. at the Braggs Lecture Theatre at the Univsersity of Adelaide.

    Please see hereLink to external site for further details and registration.

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