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QCD Downunder 2017

The aim of the workshop was to bring together a number of specialists in non-perturbative field theory as well as others working in the areas of hadron physics and related fields.

The workshop was held at the Novotel Cairns Oasis ResortLink to external website in Queensland, Australia, from Monday July 10th to Friday July 14th, 2017.

  • Topics
    • Hadron structure
    • Hadron spectroscopy
    • QCD aspects of flavour
    • Vacuum and confinement
  • List of Participants
    • Ali Alkathiri (Adelaide)
    • Chris Allton (Swansea)
    • Jacob Bickerton (Adelaide)
    • Ryan Bignell (Adelaide)
    • Alexander Chambers (Adelaide)
    • Joshua Charvetto (Adelaide)
    • Jack Dragos (NSCL/FRIB)
    • Ralf Gothe (South Carolina)
    • Taylor Haar (Adelaide)
    • Sophie Hollitt (Adelaide)
    • Junpei Kakazu (Tsukuba)
    • Waseem Kamleh (Adelaide)
    • Ayse Kizilersu (Adelaide)
    • Zachary Koumi (Adelaide)
    • Derek Leinweber (Adelaide)
    • Kim Maltman (York)
    • Kay Martinez (Adelaide)
    • Hrayr Matevosyan (Adelaide)
    • Wally Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab)
    • Robert Perry (Adelaide)
    • Cristian Pisano (INFN, Pavia)
    • Shoichi Sasaki (Tohoku)
    • Gerrit Schierholz (DESY)
    • Martin Sevior (CoEPP, Melbourne)
    • Kim Somfleth (Adelaide)
    • Fernanda Steffens (DESY)
    • Finn Stokes (Adelaide)
    • Asobu Suzuki (Tsukuba)
    • Peter Tandy (Kent/Adelaide)
    • Anthony Thomas (Adelaide)
    • Daniel Trewartha (Jefferson Lab)
    • Stephen Tronchin (Adelaide)
    • Alex Westin (Adelaide)
    • Anthony Williams (Adelaide)
    • Jia-Jun Wu (Adelaide)
    • Takeshi Yamazaki (Tsukuba)
    • Ross Young (Adelaide)
    • James Zanotti (Adelaide)

  • Timetable

  • Program
    For the full details of the program, please refer to the Program PDF.

  • Registration

    The registration fee is AUD$475. Registration includes:

    • participation in the conference
    • welcome reception
    • lunch on each day of the workshop
    • conference dinner
    • morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks

    Non-local participants, who are not CSSM/CoEPP students or staff, wishing to register should please visit the registration pageLink to external website and complete the registration process found there.

    Please note, local participants should not register through the above registration page. Instead, please contact the CSSM office to be registered and to organise accommodation.

  • Accommodation

    We have negotiated a special rate for workshop participants at the Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort.

    To make a booking at the special rate, non-local participants should please proceed through the registration process, including paying the registration fee, and then email Reservations at the Novotel Cairns ( to external website) to request the type of room they require, quoting the reference QCD2017.

    Two room types are available for participants:

    • Standard Resort – Single (king bed) including buffet breakfast for 1 person at the rate AUD$185 per night
    • Standard Resort – Twin (2 double beds) including buffet breakfast for 2 people at the rate AUD$200 per night

    Once a request has been received, Reservations staff will contact the participant requesting the accommodation and seek credit card information to guarantee the room booking.

    Accommodation for CSSM/CoEPP students and staff is being organised directly; local students and staff should please contact the CSSM office to discuss booking their accommodation.

    Wireless Access

    Complimentary Wifi is available throughout the Novotel Cairns complex except in the hotel rooms. There is a cost for Wifi in hotel rooms of AUD$10 per person for a 24 hour period but this can be waived if the hotel guest joins the Accor Hotels loyalty program. There is no cost to join the loyalty program "Le Club" and this can be done prior to arrival by going to to external website or you may join on arrival at the Novotel Cairns.

  • Arrival information

    Taxis are available from/to the Airport. Upon arrival at Cairns airport, please head to the taxi rank, and make your way to the Novotel Cairns Oasis.

    The resort is located at 122 Lake St, Cairns City. A map of the area is shown below:

    When departing the Novotel Cairns Oasis, please arrange with Reservations staff the night prior to your departure to book a taxi.

    Upon arrival at Novotel Cairns Oasis, please make your way to the Registration desk outside Room M1 on the ground floor (near the Mizuna Restaurant). The desk will be open after 8 a.m. on Monday July 10th.

  • Local Organising Committee
    • Ayse Kizilersu (CSSM)
    • Anthony Thomas (CSSM/CoEPP)
    • Ross Young (CSSM/CoEPP)
    • James Zanotti (CSSM)
  • Contact


    Silvana Santucci & Sharon Johnson

    Ph: +61 8 8313 3533

    Fax: +61 8 8313 3551


  • Presentation files
    Name Title Session file link
    Ali Alkathiri Implications of Charge Symmetry Violation in the Determination of Strangeness Form Factors Fri. 2 PDF
    Chris Alton Hadrons at tropical temperatures: parity and strangeness effects Tue. 2 PDF
    Jacob Bickerton Transverse spin structure of baryons using lattice QCD Tue. 2 PDF
    Ryan Bignell Nucleon magnetic properties using Landau mode operators with the background field method Thu. 2 PDF
    Alex Chambers Hadron structure from the Feynman-Hellmann Theorem in Lattice QCD Thu. 3 PDF
    Josh Charvetto Interactions in the vacuum and chiral magnetic effect on the lattice Tue. 2 PDF
    Jack Dragos Electric dipole moment results from Lattice QCD Fri. 1 PDF
    Ralf Gothe QCD where it Matters Mon. 1 PDF
    Taylor Haar Single-flavour pseudofermions on the alttice Thu. 1 PDF
    Sophie Hollitt Understanding B-physics in the Standard Model: Lattice QCD and the Belle II experiment Tue. 1 PDF
    Junpei Kakazu Electronmagnetic pion form factor at physical point from Nf=2+1 QCD Thu. 1 PDF
    Waseem Kamleh Landau-mode quark operators for the nucleon in a magnetic field Thu. 2 PDF
    Ayse Kizilersu Quark-gluon interactions in QCD Mon. 3 PDF
    Zachary Koumi QED effects in lattice hadron spectroscopy Thu. 2 PDF
    Derek Leinweber Nature of the Roper Resonance Thu. 3 PDF
    Kim Maltman Towards a competitive |Vus| determination from strange hadronic tau decay data and lattice HVPs Mon. 2 PDF
    Kay Marie Martinez Parameter Optimisation for the Quark-Meson Coupling Model using the POUNDeRS Algorithm Thu. 1 PDF
    Hrayr Matevosyan Two-hadron correlations in polarised quark hadronisation Tue. 3 PDF
    Wally Melnitchouck First simultaneous extraction of (spin) PDFs and FFs from global QCD analysis Mon. 2 PDF
    Robert Perry Chiral Connections to Electromagnetic Form Factors in the NJL Model Mon. 1 PDF
    Cristian Pisano Three-Dimensional Distributions of Partons inside the Nucleon Fri. 1 PDF
    Gerrit Schierholz Nucleon structure functions and PDFs from lattice operator product expansion Thu. 1 PDF
    Martin Sevior QCD for Belle II Physics Tue. 1 PDF
    Kim Sofleth Gluonic structure of the nucleon Tue. 2 PDF
    Fernanda Steffens Recent developments on computing PDFs using the quasi-PDF approach Fri. 2 PDF
    Finn Stokes Structure of Nucleon Excitations on the Lattice Mon. 2 PDF
    Asobu Suzuki Calculation of decay constant using gradient flow, towards the Kaon bag parameter Tue. 1 PDF
    Peter Tandy Aspects of Nucleon and Pion Parton Distribution Functions Mon. 3 PDF
    Anthony Thomas Origins of Atomic Nuclei in QCD Mon. 3 PDF
    Stephen Tronchin Structure Function In-Medium and the EMC Effect Fri. 2 PDF
    Alex Westin Towards a full QED + QCD calculation of the leading-order HVP in the muon's anomalous magnetic moment  Thu. 2 PDF
    Anthony Williams Direct Detection of Dark Matter Thu. 3 PDF
    Jiajun Wu The new method to extract the spectra of irreducible representations of lattice Tue. 3 PDF
    Takeshi Yamazaki Binding energy of light nucleus from lattice QCD Mon. 1 PDF
    James Zanotti Isospin-breaking effects on nucleon structure from fully dynamical QCD+QED Fri. 2 PDF
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