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Past CSSM members

The following is a list of past (and present) staff and students of the CSSM, as gathered from Annual Reports from 1997 to 2013, and ad hoc updates more recently. This will be bought more up-to-date when possible, and apologies for any inaccuracies and omissions.

Title : the person's most recently known title. This may differ from that used when the person was at the CSSM, and it may differ from their current title.

Dates : the years in which the person was listed in the Annual Reports.

Position : the position (or positions) held during that person's time at the CSSM. "PhD" indicates a student undertaking studies towards a PhD, for example.

Affiliation : the person's most recently known institutional affiliation, as far as can be ascertained. These will be updated over time where possible.

Title First name Surname Dates Position Affiliation
Dr. David Adams 2000 Academic staff Seoul National U.
Ramona Rogers 1997-present Computing Officer Uni. Adel.
Dr. Sofija Antic 2018- Research Associate
Dr. Armin Ardekani 1997 PhD
Dr. Jonathan Ashley 2000-03 Honours/PhD
Karl Astenstorfer 2012-13 Honours
Dr. Peter Athron 2012-13 Postdoc CoEPP
Dr. Ahmed Bakry 2007, 08, 10 PhD
Dr. Marco Bartolozzi 2003-06 PhD Boronia Capital ?
Dr. Jim Bashford 1997-2000 PhD
Dr. Setayesh Behin-Ain 1997-98 PhD
Dr. Axel Bender 1997-99 Postdoc DSTO
Dr. Sundance Bilson-Thompson 1997-2002 PhD
Dr. Francois Bissey 1998-2001 PhD U. Canterbury
Sara Boffa (Leggatt) 1999-2007 Admin. Assistant IPAS
Dr. Sharada Boinepalli 2003-2006 PhD DSTO ?
Dr. Ingo Bojak 2000-02 Postdoc U. Reading
Frederic Bonnet 1997-2002 Hons/PhD Monash U.
Dr. Csaba Boros 1997-2000 Postdoc
F. A.  Borotto 1998 PhD
Dr. Patrick Bowman 1997-2003 PhD/Postdoc Massey U.
Shane Braendler 1997-2003 PhD
Dr. Manuel Carrillo 2010-13 PhD
Dr. Jonathan Carroll 2005-13 Hons/Research Fellow SARDI
Dr. Andrew Casey 2008-13 Hons/PhD
Dr. Alex Chambers 2013-2018 Hons/PhD DSTG
Dr. Lei Chang 2013 Postdoc Nankai U.
Dr. James Chappell 2005-10 Hons/PhD
Tat-Weng Chew 2006-07 Masters
Dr. Seungho Choe 1997-98 KRF Fellow
Dr. Ian Cloet 2002-05, 2011-13 Hons/PhD/Ac. staff ANL
Ryan Coad 2003 Hons
Dr. Paul Coddington 2000-10 Academic staff eResearchSA
Dr. Rod Crewther 1997-present Academic staff U. Adel. (ret.)
Dr.  Ben Crouch 2000-08 Hons/PhD
Dr. Will Detmold 1997-2002 Hons/PhD MIT
Dr. Jack Dragos 2012-2017 Hons/PhD Michigan State U.
Sam Edwards 2007-08 Hons/PhD
Felix Erben 2013 Masters
Dr. Adrian Flitney 1997-99 PhD U. Melbourne
Jake Forster 2013 Hons
Dr. Marco Ghiotti 2003-06 PhD
Bronwyn Gibson 2008-15 Admin. Assistant U. Adelaide
Christian Gross 2003 Hons
Dr. Xin-Heng Guo 1997-2002 Postdoc Beijing Normal U.
Dr. Vadim Guzey 1999-2002 Postdoc Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Taylor Haar 2013-2018 Hons/PhD
Emily Hacket-Jones 1999-2001 MSc
Dr. Jonathan Hall 2007-13 Hons/PhD/Res. Fellow
Dr. Nathan Hall 2009-13 Hons/Masters/PhD
Dr. Dylan Harries 2013-2017 Hons/PhD Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Charles Uni., Prague
Dr. Cael Hasse 2008-13 Hons/PhD
Dr. Fred Hawes 1998 Postdoc Spectral Sciences, Inc ?
Dr. John Hedditch 2000-06 Hons/PhD UQ
Christian Heilmann 2009 Masters
Mariusz Hoppe 2003,05,06,10,11 Hons/PhD
Katie Howard 2007 Hons
Chi-Pin Hsu 2010-13 Hons/Masters
Dr. Parada Hutauruk 2012 PhD Asia-Pacific Centre for Theoretical Physics
Nicolas Ivancevic 2010-present PhD
A/Prof. Paul Jackson 2012-present Academic staff CoEPP
Sharon Johnson 1997-present Secretary to Director CSSM
Felix Jorkowski 2008-09 Hons
Dr. Alex Kalloniatis 2000-04 PhD/Res. Fellow DSTO ?
Dr. Waseem Kamleh 1999-present PhD/Sen. Res. Assoc. CSSM
Alexander Karisik 2011 Hons
Naik Kaustubh 2013-15 Masters
Stephen Kerr 2009 PhD
Dr. Jong Soo Kim 2012-13 Postdoc Technische Universität Dortmund ? 
Dr. Adrian Kiratidis 2010-2017 PhD Infoready, Melbourne
Dr. Ayse Kizilersu 1998-present Senior Res. Assoc. CSSM
Zeno Kordov 2018 Hons.
Daniel Kusterer 2000, 02 Hons/MSc
Dr. Antonio Lagana 2007-11 PhD
Emma Langhans 2010 Hons
Dr. Ben Lasscock 2002-07 Hons/PhD Geotrace Technologies Inc.
Dr. Sarah Lawley 2000-06 Hons/PhD Meridian Energy Australia
Prof. Derek Leinweber 1997-present Assoc. Director CSSM
Dr. Olivier Leitner 1999-03 PhD
Dr. Zhan-Wei Liu 2013-2016 Postdoc Lanzhou U.
A/Prof. Max Lohe 1997-present Academic staff CSSM
Dr. Dinghui Lu 1998-98 Postdoc Zheijang U.
Dr. Selim Mahbub 2006-13 PhD/Res. Fellow
Marianne Mastelar 2009 Masters
Dr. Hrayr Matevosyan 2010-Oct. 2018 Senior Research Associate ThreatMetrix
Cheryl McDonnell 1997-98 Admin. Assistant
Dr. Paddy McGee 2015-present AV/IT support CSSM
Dr. Dhagash Mehta 2005-08 PhD U. Notre Dame
Dr. Wally Melnitchouk 2000-01 Research Fellow JLab
Benjamin Menadue 2003-13 Hons/PhD
David Mikos 2008 Hons
Dr. Peter Moran 2006-08 Hons Epoch Capital
Dr. Danielle Morel 2002-04 Postdoc Emory and Henry College ?
Garry Morrison 1997 Hons
Dr. Roman Nevzorov 2013-2017 Research Fellow ITEP, Moscow
Bao Loc Nguyen 2005-09 2005-09
Dr. Alan O'Cais 2006-08 2006-08 Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Elyse O'Malley 2009 Hons
Martin Olesen 2009 Masters
Dr. Benjamin Owen 2010-present Hons/PhD
Dr. Maria Parapilly 2003-06 PhD Flinders U.
Stuart Pattison-White 2018 Hons.
Dr. Bruce Pearce 1997-99 Research Fellow
Julian Pietsch 2006-07 Hons
Skye Platten 2005-08, 2017-present Hons/PhD
Dr. Gregory Poulis 1997 Postdoc SAP SE ? (software company)
Scott Powell 2003 Hons
Dr. Thomas Primer 2008-13 Hons/PhD
A./Prof. Ray Protheroe 1999-2005 Academic staff dec.
Filip Rajec 2013-present Hons/PhD CSSM
Dr. Dale Roberts 2008-12 Hons/PhD
Jie Ruan 1997-98 PhD
Sean Ryan 2000 Hons
Silvana Santucci 2007-present Admin. Assistant CSSM/CoEPP
Kai Schmidt-Hoberg 2002 Hons
Dr. Andreas Schreiber 1997-2002 Research Fellow U. Adel (ACRF)
Dr. Phiala Shanahan 2010-2016 Hons/PhD William and Mary College, JLab
John Sharley 2010 PhD
Prof. Radley Shyam 2011-12 Visiting Research Fellow
Tom Sizer 1997-2003 PhD
Dr. Jon Ivar Skellerud 1997-99 Postdoc Maynooth Uni.
Claire Smart 1997-99 1997-99
Dr. Nitesh Soni 2012-13 Postdoc Commonwealth Bank
Dr. Galib Souadi 2008-13 Masters/PhD Jazan U.
Mark Stanford 2000, 2002 Hons/MSc
Dr. Andre Sternbeck 2006-08 Postdoc Friedrich-Schiller-Universität
Dr. Finn Stokes 2012-present Hons/PhD Research Associate CSSM
Dr. Vincent Stoks 1999 Postdoc
Dr. Sam Stranks 2007-08 Hons/PhD  MIT ?
Dr. Wei Su 2018- Research Associate
Dr. Tasrief Surungan 2005 Academic staff Hasanuddin U.
David Tellis 2000 MSc
Kim Thomanek 1999-2000 Hons
Prof. Anthony Thomas 1997-present Director CSSM
Samuel Thomas 2010-18 Hons/PhD
Dr. Daniel Trewartha 2010-13 Masters/PhD
Stephen Tronchin -2018 Masters
Dr. Kazuo Tsushima 1997-2001; 2010-2013 Postdoc/Res. Fellow U. Cruzeiro de Sol Sao Paulo
Dr. Lewis Tunstall 2008-13 Hons/PhD U. Bern
Dr. Sophie Underwood 2009-2016 Hons/PhD
Dr. Lorenz von Smekal 2005-08 Academic staff U. Giessen
Dr. Georg Wagner 1997-98 Postdoc
Dr. Ping Wang 2003-05 Postdoc IHEP Beijing
Dr. Xuan-Gong Wang 2014-2016 Postdoc
Sebastian Wende 2005 Hons
Alexis Whelan 2007 Hons
Dr. Martin White 2013-present Academic staff CoEPP
Dr. Daniel Whittenbury 2009-13; 2017-present Masters/PhD CSSM
Prof. Anthony Williams 1997-present Deputy Director CSSM
Tony Wiskich 1997 Hons
Jing Ping Wong 2009 Masters
Stewart Wright 1997-2001 Hons
Dr. Jiajun Wu -2017 Research Fellow University of Bonn
A./Prof. Ross Young 1999-present PhD/Acad.staff CSSM
Dr. James Zanotti 2000-02; 2011-present PhD/Acad. staff CSSM
Dr. Jianbo Zhang 2000-05 Postdoc
Albert Zhou -2018 PhD
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