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The Abell Group

Welcome to the Abell Group!

The function of peptides and proteins is defined by their linear sequence of amino acids and how this folds into a biologically active 3D shape or conformation.

Abell Group Photo 2012

Group photo (18/08/2015)
Early group photo (04/12/2009, 28/10/2012)

We are interested in using the tools of chemistry and biology to gain a detailed molecular understanding of these processes to allow the rational design and synthesize small molecules that can bind to a peptide or protein of interest. Such molecules provide important biological probes for studying key metabolic events and also potential therapies for important human diseases.

All our projects involve significant organic synthesis and product characterisation by NMR and other spectroscopic techniques, with an opportunity to get involved in some biology to broaden your experience.  We work closely with many international academic and industrial collaborators and we have a strong interest in the commercialisation of basic research.

Professor Andrew D Abell

The Abell Group

School of Physical Sciences
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


T: +61 8 8313 5996
F: +61 8 8313 4380