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Staff and students in the High-Energy Astrophysics Group (HEAG) undertake research in a variety of areas, covering a range of energies and using a wide variety of facilities and instrumentation.

The Group is involved in a number of large international collaborations, namely

Furthermore, members of the Group utilise other facilities such as the NANTEN 2Link to external site sub-millimetre and MopraLink to external site radio telescopes, data from various ground-based and space-based observatories, optical telescopes, and local muon-counting systems.

Currently, the Group's main focus is experimental, although theoretical research, primarily into cosmic ray acceleration processes, has been done in the past.

Our research work includes experimental data analysis and modelling, equipment development, and software development, and members also are involved in the planning and management of current and future facilities.

High-Energy Astrophysics
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