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Group Members

The High-Energy Astrophysics Group consists of the following members (as at August 2016):

  • Academic Staff
  • Research Staff
      Name Contact Research Area Publications
    Dr. Jose Bellido Caceres Dr. Jose Bellido Caceres Cosmic rays Jose Bellido
    Dr. Paddy McGee Dr. Paddy McGee


    Padric McGee
    Dr. Andrew Smith Dr. Andrew Smith Software development
  • Visiting Research Fellows
      Name Contact Research Area
    Dr. Gail Higginbottom Dr. Gail Higginbottom Archaeoastronomy
    Dr. Greg Thornton Gamma rays
  • Technical Staff
      Name Contact Research Area
      Neville Wild Electronics
  • Current MPhil (research) and PhD students
      Name Topic Supervisor/s Degree
    Mark Aartsen Mark Aartsen Neutrino point source searches with IceCube Hill PhD
    Justin Albury Bellido Caceres/Dawson PhD
    Rebecca Blackwell Rebecca Blackwell ISM/gamma-ray studies of the Galactic Centre Rowell PhD
    Simon Blaess Simon Blaess Cosmic ray mass composition and interaction physics with the Auger Observatory Bellido Caceres/Dawson PhD
    Luke Bowman Luke Bowman Optimising performance of CTA telescopes for >10 TeV astronomy Rowell PhD
    Matthew Cooper Matthew Cooper Night-time Cloud Detection at the Auger Observatory using infra-red observations Dawson/Clay PhD
    Jarryd Day Dawson/Clay PhD
    Phoebe De Wilt Phoebe deWilt Dense ISM gas studies towards unidentified TeV gamma-ray sources Rowell PhD
    Trent Grubb Trent Grubb Installation of New IR Cameras at the Auger Observatory for Cloud Detection Dawson/Clay PhD
    Thomas Harrison Tom Harrison Mass Composition Measurements using the Auger Observatory HEAT telescopes Dawson/Clay/Bellido Caceres PhD
    Violet Harvey Cosmic ray studies with the upgraded Pierre Auger Observatory Dawson/Bellido Caceres PhD
    Jarryd Hawkes Jarryd Hawkes ISM studies of magnetars and outflow sources Rowell PhD
    Alex Kyriacou Alex Kyriacou Correlation studies of neutrinos with star burst galaxies Hill/Dawson MPhil
    James Lau James Lau ISM studies towards a SNR/PeVatron gamma-ray source Rowell PhD
    Phong Nguyen Phong Nguyen Energy Systematics and Long Term Performance of the Auger Fluorescence Detectors Dawson/Bellido Caceres PhD
    Sally Robertson Sally Robertson Muon energy reconstruction in IceCube Hill/Dawson PhD
    Steven Saffi Steven Saffi Multivariate Analysis of Mass composition using Auger Observatory hybrid data Dawson/Bellido Caceres PhD
      Cameron Snoswell ISM studies of TeV sources Rowell MPhil
    Tristan Sudholz Tristan Sudholz Hardware and Analysis Aspects of Extended Operations of Auger Fluorescence Detectors Dawson/Clay PhD
    Patrick van Bodegom Patrick van Bodegom Improved Night-time Cloud Detection at Auger using Radiative Transfer Modelling Clay/Dawson PhD
    Fabien Voisin (Dr.) Fabien Voisin ISM/gamma-ray studies of pulsar wind nebulae Rowell PhD (grad. Aug. 2017)
  • Current MPhil (coursework) students
      Name Topic Supervisor/s Degree
    Rami al Sulami H-alpha studies of HESS sources Rowell MPhil (coursework)
    Tash Atkins Natasha Atkins Study on the origin of IceCube’s astrophysical neutrinos - Galactic or extragalactic? Hill MPhil (coursework)
    Andrew Curzons Rowell MPhil (coursework)
  • 2017 Honours Students
    Name Supervisor/s
    Kirsty Feijen Rowell
    Bradley Manning Dawson/Bellido
    Brayden Pullen Hill/Rowell
High-Energy Astrophysics
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