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High Energy Astrophysics Group

The High-Energy Astrophysics Group (HEAG) studies some of the most energetic processes in the Universe through observations of neutrinos, very-high-energy gamma-rays,  and ultra-energetic cosmic rays, with associated work in the optical, radio, and X-ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Members of the Group are involved in a number of large-scale international collaborations, namely HESS (gamma rays), IceCube (neutrinos) and the Pierre Auger Observatory (cosmic rays).

Students within HEAG undertake study in areas that are associated directly with these projects, and also in other energy regimes - such as radio - which complement the work done at these major facilities.

For enquiries regarding postgraduate study, please contact the relevant Academic Staff member (depending on your area of interest).

For further information on research within the Group, please see the Research page.

High-Energy Astrophysics
Please direct any enquiries to:

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