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The Discipline of Physics at The University of Adelaide has been established since 1886. Its history is one of the oldest at the University of Adelaide.

Academic Staff in Physics are located in the following buildings; Physics, Oliphant and The Braggs, all located on the North Terrace Campus. Staff members are involved in teaching degrees in Physics at Undergraduate and Honours levels and conducting research. There are several awards available to high achieving students at levels I,II, III & Honours.

A number of Scholarships are available across The University of Adelaide eg Science Scholarships, Postgraduate ScholarshipsHonours Scholarships,Summer Research Scholarships and University Scholarships.

Research in Physics is internationally recognised for its excellence. Staff members collaborate with a wide variety of national and international universities and cutting-edge international projects. Research projects range from fundamental studies of the structure of sub-atomic matter; to the development of novel optical and photonic systems for a wide range of applications; to medical physics and geophysics; to the investigation of the atmosphere using a network of sites that stretch from the equator to the Antarctic; and to the investigation of the structure of the universe and extreme astrophysics. The Physics discipline conducts a regular series of Seminars.

This research provides an exciting and wide range of projects for Honours and Higher Degree Research students.

School of Physical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences
Physics Building


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