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Student Achievements and Awards

Harold Woolhouse Prize

Dr Henry Pepper

Congratulations to Dr Henry Pepper who was recently awarded the Harold Woolhouse Prize for the best PhD thesis in the Faculty of Sciences.

Henry worked under the supervision of Dr Jonathan George and during his PhD completed the biomimetic total synthesis of three families of natural products, in addition to several proposed biosynthetic intermediates that have been used to elucidate biosynthetic pathways.

A highlight of Henry's PhD was his selection as one of 45 finalists (and the only finalist from an Australian university) in the 2015 Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium.

Previous winners of the Harold Woolhouse Prize.

Dr Phiala Shanahan

Dr Phiala Shanahan

Dr Phiala Shanahan (Department of Physics) has been honoured by an exceptional number of prestigious awards for her PhD research, undertaken within the Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Particle Physics.

The awards include the 2016 Bragg Gold Medal of the Australian Institute of Physics for Excellence in Physics, the 2016 SA Science Excellence Award for PhD Research Excellence,  the American Physical Society’s 2017 Dissertation Award of the Topical Group on Hadron Physics and of course the University of Adelaide's 2016 Postgraduate Alumni Medal. Her PhD thesis was also selected for publication in the Springer Theses series, which recognizes outstanding PhD research. The Bragg Gold Medal will be presented to Phiala at the Joint 13th Asia Pacific Conference and 22nd Australian Institute of Physics Congress in Brisbane in December.

John Monash Scholar - Mark Brooke

Mark Brooke

Mark has a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours from The University of Adelaide, focused on high performance computational physics. During his Honours he developed new treatment and imaging algorithms for proton therapy. Mark won a Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Award to undertake an internship at the Queen Mary Hospital (Hong Kong). He has been learning Cantonese and Mandarin, French and Swedish; and plays tennis to a high level. His MSc aims to develop proton therapy for cancer treatment, to improve effectiveness and reduce damage from radiotherapy, allowing treatment of paediatric, spinal and eye cancers.

Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence

Donnelly Archibald was recently awarded a ‘Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence’ for his PhD.

Donnelly has a three year post-doctoral position at the Geological Survey of Canada looking at magmatic systems across the various terranes in the Appalachians and their relationship to porphyry style mineralisation.

Bachelor of Science Graduates

Congratulations to our recent Earth Sciences graduates.

Martin Ankor

AINSE Postgraduate Award

Congratulations to Martin Ankor for winning an AINSE Postgraduate Award to support his PhD research.

These are very competitive awards, which facilitate collaborative access to facilities at ANSTO in Sydney. Martin will be working with the hydrogeology and geochemistry group there, who specialise in water isotopes and modelling.

ASEG-PESA-AIG Conference

Congratulations to Earth Sciences Students who participated at the ASEG-PESA-AIG Conference held in Adelaide from 21 to 24 August 2016.Awards were given to:

  • Alison Kirkby - Laric Hawkins Award for most innovative use of geophysical technique from a paper presented at the ASEG Conference. Presentation Paper: "Relating electrical resistivity to permeability using resistor networks" by Kirkby, Heinson and Krieger
  • Janelle Simpson - Best Student Presentation Paper - "Interpreting the Eromanga and Georgina Basins from magnetotelluric data" by Simpson and Heinson.
  • Joe Rugari and Paul Soeffky - Best Posters - Near Surface and Minerals categories.

Cern Courier

A photo by Steven Saffi has made the front page of the Cern Courier, the journal of high energy physics and astrophysics (attached). The article is about the plans for the upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory that many of us work on.

Finn Stokes

Intel Student Fellowship

PhD candidate Finn Stokes has been awarded one of two prestigious Intel Student Fellowships for his outstanding research accomplishments in the field of Lattice QCD. The award, sponsored by Intel, will be presented at Lattice 2016, the International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory to be held at University of Southampton, UK in July.

This conference brings together a global community of researchers from theoretical particle physics and quantum field theory, who employ theoretical, numerical and computational methods to study the properties of strongly interacting physical systems, above all Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the theory which describes the interactions of quarks and gluons and how they bind together to form the particles observed in experiments.

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