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Professor John H. Carver


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Professor John Carver and group with WRESAT satellite, 1967.
L to R Norm Sissons (WRE), Phil Stephenson, Dr Euan Mackenzie, Dr Brian Horton, Alan Suskin, Prof. John Carver, Bob Hurn, Jim Connick, Tony Hind (WRE).

John H. Carver was Elder Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide from 1961 to 1978, before taking up the directorship of the Research School of Physical Sciences at the Australian National University. 

Though trained as a nuclear physicist, his focus broadened to include atomic and molecular physics when he moved to Adelaide, and he took advantage of the close links with the Weapons Research Establishment and the Woomera Rocket Range to embark on a long series of rocket-based investigations of the atmosphere and the Sun.  Famously, in 1967, he led the University team that resulted in Australia's first satellite WRESAT being launched, in collaboration with colleagues at WRE.

A detailed article by RW Crompton describes John Carver's scientific career.

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